Stop Wasting Time Now And Start With Sterilizer Machine


We are unrivaled in small-scale UHT machine pasteurization, UHT/HTST sterilization, and aseptic processing. MicroThermics is likely responsible for designing and constructing the machinery like Sterilizer Machine used to create and manufacture many things you use daily. It might be anything from medicine to a sweet treat or even a substitute beverage. Experience the ease of utilizing our Small Scale UHT Machine in your lab or ours. Improve the precision of your thermal processes and speed up your R&D efforts. Our CPUs were developed with user-friendliness and durability in mind. By working with us, our customers can cut down on the time, money, and effort it takes to create and bring a product to market. All of the goods and services we provide are of the greatest quality. 

We can do this thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing methods, ongoing efforts to enhance quality, and our very skilled staff. Customers in these fields have permitted us to use their logos on marketing materials because they employ MicroThermics equipment in their research. We only release this information with your consent and consider it very private. Our new promotional film provides a high-level summary of Microthermics’s goals, goods, and services; we think you’ll find it informative and entertaining. MicroThermics will maintain its current strategy of concentrating and increasing its operations in these dynamic markets. In line with the policy above declarations, we will keep an eye on legal clearances to guarantee compliance with applicable regulations.

The Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award is given annually to a business or entity that has made a noteworthy contribution to the field of food technology. This honor goes to MicroThermics and their fully automated, ultra-high temperature (UHT)/super-high temperature (HTST) Direct-Indirect Process System (DIP) for the laboratory setting. Improved food product quality, safety, and efficiency are the results of using the process simulator system to cut down on product development, manufacturing, and processing expenses. Our machinery reduces the number of botched plant trials and shortens the time spent on testing by allowing you to replicate months’ worth of output in only a few days. Our efforts allow our customers to save costs, boost productivity, and speed up the introduction of new items to the market. All of the goods and services we provide are of the greatest quality. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, ongoing commitment to quality assurance, and expert staff will do the job.


Products may be processed at High-Temperature Short Time (HTST) and Ultra High Temperature (UHT) temperatures. Methods like pasteurization, high-acid aseptic processing, and hot-filling are all examples of HTST. 

UHT, or Ultra High-Temperature Pasteurization & Sterilization, is used in the low-acid aseptic processes. At either the HTST or UHT temperature range, depending on the product, Extended Shelf Life (ESL) operations are carried out. The procedure and temperature range that is ideal for you will depend on the kind of product you’re making and how long you need to keep it on the shelf.