Stefan Motzo: Football Coach Talks about 4 important life skills you get from the game of football

Stefan Motzo: Football Coach Talks about 4 important life skills you get from the game of football

Sports are a significant and inseparable part of most of our lives. Most of us spend a good amount of time either playing it or watching it live or online. And Football is one of the widely recognized and played sports in the world. Played in over 200 countries with Europe being the biggest hub for worldwide, million-dollar tournaments, and more than 240 million people on field types from million-dollar pitches to patches of dirt or concrete, Soccer is no doubt the world’s game.

Even though, some just think of it as a game and sport. Football is way bigger than this. It helps people in developing habits that are very important and difficult to inculcate otherwise. Football helps people inculcate so many habits ranging from strategizing, decision making, persistence, focusing, hardworking and many more. Stefan Motzo, A professional Football Coach states that some of the habits and life lessons that many people take years to learn can be learned by playing in a single football tournament.

Some people don’t even recognize these priceless lessons that a great football player has. Here are 4 of the best habits that helps the player to achieve success in football and all other areas of their life:

  •  Decision Making: Football is a complex and difficult game. And a single mistake might cost you the whole game or championship. And a coach cannot tell and guide them during the match, so it becomes important for a player to make quick and better decisions while accounting for everything that’s happening inside and outside of the field. As players practice and encounter different situations, they learn how to assess situations and make better decisions. And even if they shift into a different field, they are better decision-makers and planners for life.
  •  Perseverance: In every tournament and championship, only one team wins. And the rest have to compete again next year. Does a player quit because he couldn’t win this year? No! Football teaches the players to strive hard, fail, learn from their mistakes and start again. Anyone who has competed in tournaments, knows the value of persistence, as these people learn to strive and try again and again. One thing becomes evident that they will not be a failure in life.
  • Team-Work: There’s a quote that says” if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Football teaches that any big thing of life always takes a team. And many times, you need to put aside your personal glory to achieve something better and bigger in life. This quality is actually one of the most essential and rare in the whole world. People who can learn how to go together with a team always achieve more for any organization or group they are in.
  • Strategic Planning: Life teaches most people very harshly that having just raw talent and bluntly doing hard work won’t take them to their goals. And this is quite literally and evident when you are playing against a team of 12. You could be the best defender, striker, or halfback in the world. If you don’t have a good strategy for the 90 minutes, your team and you would most probably be out of the tournament in the first game. Those who can plan and implement a good strategy can mostly achieve every single one of their goals and targets throughout life.

Coaches play a vital role in helping the players to learn these habits, because they are responsible to help them manage other aspects and focus on the game at the same time. They help them in planning, observing, and pushing beyond their limits and also help them in becoming more disciplined and working harder every single day. Stefan Motzo is one of those football coaches who understand the value football adds to an individual’s life. With his deep understanding and wisdom that goes beyond the football field, he focuses on helping his players to learn and inculcate these lessons that can make them better for life.