Stefan Motzo – Football Coach mentions crucial things football teaches that make people successful.


Football is a self-taught and respectful game that is very suitable for teaching valuable life lessons for people. This is why it is so good for young people to gain experience in football. Football will support the future growth of young people by teaching them teamwork, discipline, respect, and physical and mental health.

Though some consider it just a game. Football is much more than that. Football helps people develop habits that are very important and otherwise difficult to indoctrinate. Soccer helps people develop many habits such as strategic planning, decision making, perseverance, focus, hard work, and more. Stefan Motzo, who is a professional Football coach, believes that many habits and lessons that take many people years to learn can be learned by participating in a soccer tournament.

  • How to be Disciplined: Athletes need good discipline and good performance. Attending training on time, following team rules, and playing sports are all key to football success. At the end of an athlete’s career, they can apply what they have learned to discipline to their career and family life. A successful adult attends meetings and appointments on time, takes initiative to improve their skills, understands and follows the rules of their business, and the rules of their community in general.
  • How to Strategically Plan in life: Football, like many other sports, is full of statistics such as goals scored, yards rushing, yards crossed, catches, tackles, sacks, and blocks. With the help of teams and trainers, students learn to plan their goals and work hard to achieve them. There are also several team goals to help players achieve their goals of being part of a team. Planning is very crucial to achieving your targets in the business and throughout your life. For example, if your goal is to buy a house for your growing family, you should plan to get your dream home.
  • How to work together in life: There’s an African proverb that says “ if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”Football shows that the great things in life always need a team. And many times you have to let go of your personal reputation to achieve something better and more in life. This performance is one of the largest and rarest in the world. People who can learn to work as a team can accomplish more in the organization or group to which they belong.

Professional and experienced Football Coaches like Stefan Motzo understand the value football adds to an individual’s personal life. With a deep understanding and expertise that goes beyond football, he aims to help players learn and teach these skills to improve their lives.