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Small-scale milk pasteurization machine
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Pasteurization is a process of heating every particle of milk product correctly, and we’ll design equipment. The best quality of milk is that you can turn it into numerous products during processing, giving small-scale dairy farms owners offer potential and existing customers a wide range of products. These products include pasteurized milk, cheese, butter, yogurts, buttermilk, cream, and ice creams, among other dairy products. 

The good thing is that you’ll not need a complete processing factory to have this product. If you are a small-scale farm processor, this post will let you learn about small-scale milk processing equipment and everything you need to know about small-scale dairy processing. Most dairy farm producers process their milk to make it pasteurized as it’s forbidden to sell raw milk to some countries. It’s achieved by heating milk in a small milk pasteurizer and cooling it down.

Milk Processing Equipment  for Small Scale Farms

They are reliable small-scale milk processing equipment you can get to start your milk processing farm, from a small-scale milk pasteurization machine to an ice cream maker. 

  • Pasteurizer: pasteurization is often the core purpose of milk processing. Pasteurizers are the equipment that helps in simplifying this process by heating milk and then set it aside at a specific temperature and time to cool before being stored for further processing. There exist small-scale milk pasteurization machines for small dairy farm owners.
  • Milk Tank: Milk tanks store milk in its liquid state to keep them fresh for as long as possible. Its therefore considered to be very critical equipment for milk processing should you need safe, new, and high-quality dairy products.
  • Cream Separator is used to make a cream, skim milk, and low fat. It works by separating milk from fat, and you’ll get two products simultaneously; milk with a low-fat percentage and cream.
  • Butter Churns: It’s milk processing equipment that churns milk into butter. It leaves you with two products; buttermilk and butter. 
  • Cheese Presses: It is a simple and reliable piece of equipment that applies pressure to cheese curd, squeezing out all liquid and forming cheese. While choosing cheese presses, consider the number of dairy products you plan to produce.
  • Homogenizer: It is a dairy processing machine that improves th test and texture of milk, making it homogenized. It works by squeezing milk through small particles at high pressure causing the cells to break apart and become homogenized. It’s mainly used when you have milk from different cows, and you need to make it more consistent. 
  • Ice Cream Maker: The ice cream maker is a dairy processing machine used in making ice creams. ot churns ice cream base slowly while cooling. The process creates ice creams with creamy and smooth texture without shards of frozen liquid.


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