Shaun Stenning : Tips to Create Marketing Content

Shaun Stenning

In the present technological era, about 5 billion internet users spend most of their time actively looking for brands, products and services, and companies they can buy from. It gives business owners massive opportunities to grow their business online. Marketing content is the strategy, development, and management of marketing materials that will help turn web users into loyal customers. However, it may take time unless you utilize content planning. If you are looking forward to making your brand renowned, Shaun Stenning shares essential tips that will help you to create marketing content.

  • Start with your strategy

It’s essential to start by identifying your company’s pillars of marketing before producing the content you need. Ask yourself some questions that will help build the backbone of your content marketing strategies. Getting answers to these questions will provide you with a lead in the right direction. 

What topics and themes will build the groundwork of your content marketing strategy? 

Who is your target audience, and what problems can you solve in their life through your services/products? 

What do you hope to inspire in your target audience? 

What are your business goals, and how will the content help achieve them? 

  • Custer Content 

Custer content improves user experience. It begins with a broad topic related to your product, then a deep dive into the specifics with individual pieces of content. Consider using external links for umbrella topics on your general page. It gives users an easy time going through all the information. Custer content also signals to search engines that the topics are connected which boosts your SEOs ranking. 

  • Get Specific 

Most content marketing strategies fail since they tend to flood much content on one page with no informational space to continue. Marketing strategies get better with more content created. Therefore avoid getting in your way of getting all relevant information on the first few pieces.

  • Remain consistent

It’s essential to remain consistent with the voice and tone of your brand and the content you’re putting out. have a schedule for daily, weekly, or bi-weekly posts and stick to it. Your customers will know when to look for your content, which will build trust for your brand.

Take advantage of technology.

Try to utilize the online tools built to schedule and post content rather than manually posting daily marking content. Most of the tools are free, and a quick Google search will let you find software to help you plan for social media posts.


According to Shaun Stenning, it’s essential to opt for content marketing whether you want to increase your sales, brand awareness, and loyalty. Let’s hope the above tips will make it easier for you to create killer strategies.