San Diego Companies Riding Plant-Based Food Wave


Over the last few years, several progressive modifications have been introduced to the world of vegan food. Since people are looking for more options and easy access to vegan foods, this has turned into an obligatory choice for vegan food producers to discover new areas. In this regard, people like Zach Vouga are working ceaselessly to create unique and effective methods for the vegetarian food business.

Concerning Zach Vouga, he is one of the most creative and moderate Co-CEOs that show that vegan food is more interesting and valuable than people’s musings on all things. He began working in the vegan food industry after completing his degree from DePaul University in the Study of Political Science in 2011. In this position, he was in charge of various tasks to keep up to date and broaden the scope of food.

The main goal for Zach Vouga to start this company will be to create vegan foods that are accessible and interesting for people. Then in 2016, he scoured for Plant Power Fast food and began filling in as the company’s CEO. Through his expertise and knowledge in the field, he built a solid and positive image of his establishments and helped grow Plant Power Fast Food. The restaurant later was one of the largest and leading chains in vegan and plant-based food.

Due to the growing popularity of meats made from plants all over the United States, the businesses operating in San Diego have been expanding to meet the demand.

Plant Power, a San Diego-based vegan fast-food chain, announced that it would be expanding to four branches within Southern California in the next 16 months.

Established in 2016, Plant Power currently has locations in Ocean Beach, Encinitas, Redlands, SDSU, and Long Beach. The new sites will be located in Riverside, Orange County, the Inland Empire, and another in San Diego, bringing it to nine locations.

The same month, they launched a brand Food truck that was brand new located in Los Angeles.

The trend of eating more plant-based foods isn’t limited to just vegan restaurants. Restaurants and grocery stores are now offering substitutes for meat and are creating a rapidly growing market for vegan patties.

Two companies have been recognized as market leaders: Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. However, one San Diego company has also been working to position itself for success.