Review on Vantage Pro Smart Watch by LeCouture Nova

Vantage Pro Smart

With the rising demands of constant connectivity, updated features, styles, and refinement, everyone now looks for a smartwatch over traditional watches. With the refined designs of smartwatches, you no longer have to pick between style and functionality. However, there are many other things that you need to take into consideration before investing in your smartwatch. 

This article is focused on the review on Vantage Pro Smart Watch by Le Couture Nova:

Vantage Pro Smart Watch is a slim and stylish Business Sports Smart Watch that is available in a plethora of designs, including:

  • Silver Stainless Steel
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Silver and Black Silicone Band
  • Silver and Brown Leather Band
  • Black and Black Leather Band
  • Black and black Silicone Band
Vantage Pro Smart Watch

Each of these designs is made from rigorous and exquisite materials, design, and artistry. Now let’s discuss the features of the watch:

Vintage Pro Smart Watch has:

– Smart Chip

– Retina Display

– Fitness Monitoring 

– Bluetooth Calling


– Accurate Exercise

– Play Music

Water Proof and Dust Proof

Vantage Pro Smart Watch is IP68 waterproof, which means you need not worry about it while being in the rain or swimming pool. It also comes with a dustproof structure that makes it more safe and sound. 

Multiple Sensors

Vantage Pro Smart Watch comes with an MTK2505 chip, classic performance, and BMA425 intelligent pedometer algorithm operation. 

Long Battery life

Vantage Pro Smart Watch offers you long battery life. The watch has several features, including open notification and 90 minutes of exercise every week. You can brighten the screen for as long as a hundred times a day. However, the actual life of the battery depends on your personal use. The heart rate is always on, and you can wear it for 24 hours. 

Bluetooth Call 

Now let’s come to the Bluetooth call feature. The Vantage Pro Smart Watch has a Waterproof speaker, high-quality mic, and high-fidelity speaker. You can also scroll your phone book and check your call logs directly from the watch. 

Screen Retina Display and ECG Monitoring

Vantage Pro Smart Watch has a super retina display and a high screen ratio display of 91.18%. It has a full circle screen, 360*360 HD resolution bazel, which is as narrow as 1.5 mm. ECG monitoring is another feature that can help with the cases of health concerns. It also has one minute ECG examination supported by its PPG + ECG technology. 

Sports Data Analysis 

Are you a sports enthusiast? Vantage Pro Smart Watch has the feature of checking recovery time, which tells about the time your body needs to recover after completing the exercise. With this smartwatch, you can also check your General Sports Data and Scientific Sports Data.

24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring

Vantage Pro Smart Watch is equipped with an intelligent heart rate algorithm, which allows checking heart rate at any time from being at rest or while working out. With its scientific big data, you can check the heart rate graph for protecting your health. The watch monitors blood pressure/oxygen anywhere and at any hour. 

Summing Up

Vantage Pro Smart Watch is also equipped with the life assistant feature. It gives you various convenient functions to make you experience the smart life on your wrist. That was all that Le Couture Nova has on its review for Vantage Pro Smart Watch, Read more.