Refused Immigrant Visa: How Law Firms Can Help You?

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A Refused Immigrant Visa is granted to individuals who have been denied refugee status in the United States. You must be admitted to the US as a tourist before applying for an immigrant visa. You can apply for an immigrant visa after becoming a permanent resident. And a visa issued by immigration law firm Tampa can prove you are a US citizen.

Immigrants and those who wish to reside in the United States temporarily may find that their U Visa or immigrant visa application is denied for a variety of reasons. Even though the US government has a very clear set of immigration laws, many people are unaware of them and have their visa applications refused as a result. Having an immigration lawyer may assist you fill out your visa application correctly so that you will get the visa regardless of whether your application is granted or not. 

Immigration attorneys of immigration law firm Tampa can assist you in a variety of ways to get the visa you want. In the following methods, for example:

  • If you’re planning a trip to the United States, you’ll need an immigrant visa.

Traveling to the United States as a tourist is another option. As an asylee, you may be able to remain indefinitely. As an immigrant, you may be able to seek a change of status as well. An immigrant visa may be obtained for a variety of reasons. You may be compelled to join the US military or live and work in the United States.

  • It’s almost impossible to predict what kind of visa you’ll be issued. 

Consult an immigration lawyer if you want to be sure of receiving an immigrant visa. The sort of visa you will get may be determined by a qualified attorney. Non-immigrant visas, which enable you to work in the United States while you’re there, are an option if you need to enter the country right away.

  • You must apply for advance parole 

In order to leave the United States for a period of six months or longer while keeping your work, you must apply for advance parole. If you are unable to get an immigrant visa, you must submit this application. If you have committed a crime and are unable to get an immigrant visa, you may have to apply for a non-immigrant visa instead. When it comes to this, an attorney can assist.

  • To use the FRA, you must apply for an immigrant visa right away.

You must apply for an immigrant visa as soon as possible following a separation if you want to use the Family Reunification Act to bring your family back together. Getting the visa may take some time, but it’s still doable after the procedure is complete. Ensure that you complete all the steps in the application process and provide all required documentation to the appropriate authorities. If you need the services of a lawyer, you must locate one before beginning the application process. An immigration lawyer may assist you with the application process and provide you with information and advice on immigration-related matters as well. In the event of an emergency, you may not be granted an immigrant visa in time.

  • Many grounds exist for denying immigration to the United States. 

Most of the time, the reasons are technical, and as a result, finding out what they are is difficult. Someone who is addicted to drugs, for example, faces an automatic expulsion. You may also be barred if you have a criminal record. As a result, before planning a trip to the United States, check out whether your visa application has been accepted.

  • To visit the US, you really shouldn’t apply for a visa.

You should not spend time applying for a visa if you are planning a trip to the United States. If you’re turned down for a visa, speak with an attorney right away so you can start the process of reapplying. If you hire an attorney, they can guide you through the whole process from filling out the application to submitting all of the required paperwork and eventually receiving permission to receiving your visa.


Even if their visa application is denied, immigrants can cope with visa denial. As soon as you find out what’s wrong with your application, make the necessary changes. If you need assistance with the immigration procedure, consult an experienced immigration lawyer of immigration law firm Tampa. The sooner you employ an attorney, the less likely you are to have your visa application denied.