Reasons to maintain oral health for a healthy smile


If you have ever heard that the south is the right way for overall health, then certainly it is right. Unfortunately, people these days don’t take the health of gums and teeth seriously unless there is some problem that comes on the way. 

It can further lead to some health issues, and that can be another costly treatment to make up your mind for. With the help of Alberto Serafino Motzo – Dentist, you can take proper precautionary measures and oral health treatment so that you can always smile confidently.

Why oral hygiene is important:

  • Protection against bad smell:

When you talk to someone or have an important face-to-face meeting to attend, you must focus on an impressive smile. 

But if you haven’t been taking good care of your teeth then it can cause a negative impression on the people you meet as there would be a bad smell from your mouth which they can notice. 

That is why you must visit the Alberto Serafino Motzo – Dentist for consultation.

  • Lessen the risk of the disease:

If there is a gum problem, there is a high chance that bacteria can enter the mouth and then get mixed in the bloodstream. 

This can cause a protein that could make the blood thick. 

This means the chances of more clots forming are high, and your heart may not get the sufficient oxygen and nutrients required. This would increase the heart attack risk.

  • Less risk of dementia and cancer:

If you keep your gum and teeth healthy, you can reduce the scope of some cancers and also dementia formation. Research says that women who are in their post-menopausal ages are likely to have gum disease in the past, out of which 14% of them are at high risk of developing cancers. 

One of them could even have a high scope of breast cancer. Also, those who have healthy hum are at less risk of creating Alzheimer’s disease than those who had suffered from gum disease in the past.


There are so many issues that can happen if you don’t follow good practices for your gums and teeth care. The most common problem would be when the gum and teeth start deteriorating. 

The problem of gum disease can result in patients getting cavities, loose teeth, and even having some infection. It is time that you visit the Alberto Serafino Motzo – Dentist on a regular basis for routine care and basic check-ups done at least once in 6 months. This way, you can maintain oral hygiene and also keep your mouth healthy.