Prepare Your Kids for the Best Education with NAPLAN

NAPLAN Exam Preparation

To improve your kid’s learning, assessment of their knowledge in literacy and numeracy plays a great role. Government and non-government authorities have planned different educational test programs to identify the real growth of students. NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) is one of the renowned and accredited programs. If your kid sets for NAPLAN preparation year 7, here are important guides to consider.

What is NAPLAN?

It is an annual national assessment program designed for students in years 5, 7, and 9. 

The test is conducted on certain parameters, including reading, writing, language conventions, and numeracy. NAPLAN is a great assessment program for students that forms the critical foundation for learning. With the tests, parents and schools can understand how students are performing. It shows a clear picture of student learning and helps schools identify which areas need improvement. NAPLAN does not replace the primary educational assessments designed by school authorities.

The test concentrates on students’ reading, writing, grammar, and numeracy. The literacy part comes in English, and the numeracy tests are based on mathematics learning. 

The question format in this assessment is usually multiple-choice and short-answered questions. For the writing test, students write a long and continuous text. Here, students require to divide their time to prepare complete writing.

How can you prepare your kid for NAPLAN?

This test program is based on testing the skills of students, which will develop in them gradually through the school curriculum. 

Teachers will help students get acquainted with the test format and help them improve their knowledge on these parameters that lay the foundation of learning. The test does not require excessive training as it makes students anxious more. As parents, you can always ask teachers for help. 

Here are some general tips for students that help in their learning:

NAPLAN is such a test assessment that introduces a great learning journey. If a student pays attention to his class study, he/she will automatically perform well in the exam. Besides, a few disciplinary things will help them achieve their educational goals easily. A few learning habits will make the assessment easier.

Stay organized:

Students must develop an organization skill that allows them to arrange every note properly from day one. 

A good study space:

Students must have a designated area that has less distraction. They need a study corner to concentrate on their learning.

Homework and study planner:

Study planners help your kid track their assessment and other educational programs perfectly. The habit of preparing a to-do list will be helpful. 

Prepare a study routine:

Study routines help students perform schoolwork and maintain study times rightly. 

A realistic goal:

A realistic and achievable goal will also encourage students to achieve more goals in life. It is true in your education program also.

Schools and parents play a key role in preparing kids for NAPLAN preparation year 7. There are also many institutions that help your kid perform well on the exam.


NAPLAN enhances students’ learning ability through its unique structure of the assessments. It is an annual test program and is perfect for junior high school students to achieve literacy and numeracy skills.