PPL Checkride Prep for Student Pilots at Affordable Rates

ppl checkride prep

A PPL or a private pilot license is a private license that allows the holder to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft privately. In the United States, it is termed a private pilot certificate. The International Civil Aviation Organisation determines the requirements of this license. However, this implementation varies from country to country. According to the ICAO, a PPL is achieved successfully after completing a course with at least 40 hours of total flight time, passing seven written exams, completing a solo cross country flight, and successfully demonstrating flying skills to the examiner during a flight test. Meanwhile, the minimum age for a student to get a private student pilot is 14 years for the balloons and gliders and 16 years above for airplanes, helicopters, and gyroplanes.

Why do we need PPL checkride preparation?

To get a PPL, one must prepare themselves accordingly. This preparation is acquired by so many means, and a lot of practice can make it worth it. Busting a check ride can leave a permanent mark on anyone’s aviation career. It is the reason why it becomes essential to invest in PPL checkride preparation. However, taking help from the experts. Investing in checkride preparation through the personalized ground instructions ad mock oral exams with the CFI will be a great help for anyone aspiring to get a PPL.

Not confident about your PPL Checkride?

There are so many of us who are not very much confident about our PPL checkride prep. We know how to help them by building confidence through various personalized instructions providing required tips, tricks, and expertise. We make sure that you pass your next checkride. Our personalized Flight Instructors will work closely with the student to deliver the best instructions needed as a student pilot. You need to book your lessons online. The rest of the work will be done by us. Our flight instructor will reach out to you to identify every individual need. By this, you’ll get the most out of your scheduled time.

Why Pilot Chekride Prep?

Our main motive is that you will get your PPL as soon as possible. Therefore, we will work along with you on this. However, we cannot guarantee your certificate in few weeks, but we will work with you until you achieve your goal.

Avoid Busting your checkride

Busting a checkride will stay on your pilot record forever. Therefore, we need to grab every opportunity to pass this achievement. We make sure that you will achieve your goal in your aviation career successfully.

Affordable Learning

Checkrides can cost anywhere around $750-$20000. By investing a few more in your checkride preparation, you can save many more over your career.

Learn from the Best

Our team has certified flight instructors who have an abundance of aviation knowledge. They will enlighten you with insights on what all you to prepare on.