Peter Cennamo

American Humane helps and supports careful planning and assessment on how to control properly wildlife populations so that number of animals is appropriate for sustaining welfare and good health. In many cases, this refers to control the population of a species that can be no longer sustained in an environment of diminished resources, or it is threatening to overcome other native species. Thus, it becomes crucial to look for new ways and laws that can help the animals and allow for the suitable reintroduction of animals into a proper habitat. 

Talking about Peter Cennamo, he is working constantly for the last many years to provide basic education regarding pet overpopulation and pet adoption. Peter Cennamo wants people everywhere to know that the USA is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. However, when it comes to feral and stray animal overpopulation problems competitor that of some of the poorest nations of the world. The saddest fact is “pet overpopulation” problem is not one of money, it is of basic education. He also suggested some of the benefits of pet adoption. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Gain a new best friend      

When people adopt a pet, you also gain a new friend to accompany you on daily life’s adventure. A family member to share life’s sweetest moments and a therapist to pay attention when you need an ear. Whenever it’s a dog, a cat, or any other type of four-legged friend, pets are ideal sidekicks for different activities. 

  • Find a suitable companion for you 

Shelter staff is familiar with the different animals, their personalities, and their requirements, which allows them to correctly match you with a family member that’s compatible with your lifestyle. Additionally, many adoptable animals are neutered or spayed and up-to-date on their shots. It means you won’t need to make a big investment. There are various programs and events that cover adoption fees throughout the year. For instance, the Mars Petcare Better Cities for Pets program holds an adoption weekend each year.  

In the last few years, various researches have been conducted by various experts across the world. It proves that effective methods of animal control exist that are both humane and cost-effective. Peter Cennamo always believes that it is very important to focus on the cost-effective methods of animal population management exist. Teacher Peter also lectured on the rewards of pet adoption as the way to save the lives of lovable pet.