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Eyelash extensions are globalised all over the world and a majority of people are now aware of the magic and the confidence, that applying eyelash extensions can provide. 

Not only our experiences, but the evolution of this innovative product is also very interesting! Technological advancement toward this beauty product steered it a long way now. From classic eyelashes to the new age of shimmery and healthy look eyelashes, manufacturing companies have evolved so much and now produce a range of eyelashes that suits you the best.  With a wast variety and length options of choice, Ladies love to apply and use these eyelash extensions to enhance the volume appearance of their natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions Enriching Beauty

The popularity and need for eyelash extensions are increasing amongst ladies of all age groups day by day.  Since it provides you the required healthier and edgy look. Eyelash extensions are just enough to create a powerful eye transformation without applying any additional makeup to the skin.  As a powerpack agent to transform your face by highlighting the beauty of your eyes, Enhanced lash extensions have a marvellous scope to make you look stunning.

100% Authenticity By Lash Line

With a view to applying external products onto your skin, one must be aware of the fact that the product has passed through all the skin-friendly test procedures and its quality standards. To ease this phenomenon Lash Line has developed clinically tested, safe-to-the-skin eyelash extensions with comparatively lower fume levels of the black glue. 

With a go approach of not just preaching community over the competition but by living it! Lash Line is a united brand in hands of two deserving business partners who have grown Lash Line into a brand known for community, quality, and passion. In Lash Line, the products are specially designed for you. 

Increasing awareness and demand

With the help of glue and heat bonded together at the base, our skin-friendly and easy-to-apply products are perfect for your delicate, everyday makeup-bearing face.  

The lash line has come a long way making an extremely popular place among the heart of ladies of all age groups, in the past cycle of years. With medical-grade adhesives to avoid the occurrence of inflammation and irritation, we have introduced waterproof glues and removers for eyelash extensions that are 100% authentic and safe for the skin. The quality products we deliver to you make us the number one choice within the market scope to choose from. 

Our responsible take towards the gradually increasing demand for our products is to create and provide the products, which can give you the best transformation results possible.


At Lash Line, we proudly supply the Lash Artists with all the tools needed for applying eyelash extensions and to serve their best work results to you! All our products are hand tested and meticulously researched, which ensures their genuineness and performance. Getting connected with us means, you are promised to get consistent quality, and value for all the products delivered. We are always available online on our very own interactive shop website, and not only do we aim to deliver the best quality products but we also send helpful tips, discounts, and good vibes to our clients and customers.

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