Nik Bhakta: Key Leadership Skills That You Have To Master

Nik Bhakta - CMG's real estate development

Nik Bhakta has been a founding principle at CMG Companies since its establishment. as part of management, he oversees CMG’s real estate development and hotel portfolio. He also led the company’s Sonic and Little Caesar franchise portfolios. They’ve over 300 restaurants, but Nik draws a straw of getting into the hotel side but still keeps his operational skills sharp with restaurants. From his management engagement with CMG companies, he’s learnt essential skills that a leader should implement for proper business management. Here are some of the core skills that will help you

  • Maintaining Corporate Culture

Nik best describes CMG company corporate culture as a brotherhood. It’s from a fact of a tight-knit group that genuinely cares about one another professionally and personally. It makes it easier for him to walk into the office every day knowing that I belong to a group with such firm commitments to one another. Corporate culture will make you and your staff fun working as you all work towards the same goals.

  • Focus

Management tends to have ups and downs. It involves taking control l of personnel. It calls for an excellent leader to stay focused and concentrate on maneuvering difficult situations. Its also regarded as a goal-oriented approach. Therefore there’s a need to remain attentive to oversee the ultimate goal and push every possible resource towards goal attainment. 

  • Support and motivation

In an organization, each person tends to struggle at some point. As a good leader, you should identify when your staff have trouble and take the appropriate steps to help them overcome it. You can support them by offering some sage advice or sit down and work side by side with them to resolve their issue. It will breed motivation, praises and heartfelt encouragement and revel in the successes that will come.

  • Effective communication

A leader must possess excellent communication skills to effectively communicate with employees, investors, customers, creditors, colleagues and faculty. A leader also focuses on other forms of communication like group communication, individual and personal communication, written, email and online messaging. 

  • Creativity

Leaders with creative minds will always birth something new . first, understand that there’s no innovation without creativity. Therefore creativity helps in coming up with solutions for problems at hand while thinking of other practical solutions outside the box on effective management tactics.


According to Nik Bhakta, these are essential skills that make up a great leader. It will help up master that management is the heart of an organization and master the art of business. However, management may still be complex, which calls for you to remain persistent and determined for success and goal attainment.