Neel Khokhani – Truly Successful Self-Made Entrepreneur


To translate wishes into reality, one must have to take congruent actions! The very first step toward success is to have a dream – your dream, not anyone else’s dream, you have to chase. You will surely be going to achieve what you set out to accomplish with persistent efforts. The same has been done by a young entrepreneur named Neel Khokhani With critical thinking and entrepreneurial nature, he made numerous brilliant decisions till now.

Neel’s dream was to start an airline since childhood. Though, it seems impossible for a teenager at that time due to a shortage of money. His father kept telling him that they don’t have money to invest. Thus, he thought that learning how to fly makes him one step ahead. He started spending his early teen years playing Microsoft Flight Simulator before he get trained in real planes. At the age of 17, he earned his flying license and began to instruct at 18.

Till now, he didn’t get demotivated that let his dream not go off track! At the age of 22, he had a brilliant idea for his boss. He assumed that his boss will be delighted to hear that the fleet could be better instead he got sacked off. Here the thought of starting his own business got intense. Without wasting any time, he managed to launch Soar Aviation in the year 2013 that was an astonishing achievement for him.

However, the journey wasn’t easy, it was full of challenges, bumps, and money problems. At that time, Neel had only $5000 to invest in and no essential equipment. Somehow, he managed to get enough funds with his entrepreneurial mind that makes the achievement more amazing. Since its inception, Khokhani implemented the best strategies in the business to make it grow faster. Not surprisingly, that worked very well.

Since competitors were offering traditional courses, so he started part-time courses offering theory in the evenings and flying on the weekends. It was all a new concept in the market in which he tapped in! By doing that, Soar Aviation skyrocketed! At that stage, the growth was about 300% in a year. Now Neel Khokhani is a successful entrepreneur who operates the biggest flying school in Australia with a fleet of 70 planes, 60 instructors, and 550 students. In a nutshell, Neel is a self-made entrepreneur who found the most success attributed to his persistent efforts and skill set.