Must Listen To Dirty Comedy On Laughing Hyena

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Comedy was largely unknown as a profession for a long time. Artists who could be labeled anything but successful went around with their “items” to perform in all sorts of gatherings, irrespective of the occasion. Then the turn of the millennium ushered in a new era where comedy was seen as harmless. A time-tested method of branding something as benign is to get politicians or players to do its bidding. Comedy back then was being judged by someone who had not only been a player but was also a politician. Although it is hard to remember which party he belonged to back then. This period was rather short-lived as the turn of the decade brought in this beast which couldn’t be tamed known as cheap internet. The internet brought millions of eyeballs to comedy, and anyone who was called funny in school was now on YouTube doing comedy. Comedy was not a funny business anymore.

New research helps explain why dirty comedy, even when including death or moral taboos such as bestiality, can make people laugh. The study finds that disgusting jokes can be perceived as funny so long as they somehow come off as benign, not hurting anyone or anything.

Scientists and philosophers, and of course comedians, have long sought the ingredients of humor. But, unfortunately, several past theories attempting to explain humor have failed in one way or another.

Those theories meant to explain narrow humor segments, such as jokes, can’t also explain broader humor across domains. For instance, theories underlying general humor would suggest you think incongruous things and release tension are funny.

From raunchy gross-outs to surprisingly charming romances, dirty comedies have long been a pillar of cinematic laughs. While these movies have gotten a bit rarer in recent years, it doesn’t stop the old ones from existing, and it certainly doesn’t stop our observant eye from noticing when a fresh new one comes out.

Some of these movies also have jokes and dirty country songs that have aged interestingly over the years. Of course, a lot of these movies will make you laugh aloud one moment and then take a big cringe the next—that’s just the nature of the beast. But any movie that has that down has a charm or otherwise endearing quality elsewhere that should help make up for jokes or lines that frankly feel unsavory today.

But that’s part of what makes this specific genre so interesting. Just with the example of Laughing Hyena, you can see the evolution, variation, and subversions within the style of comedy. And as the years and decades go by, it’s easy to note what changes, both subtle and sweeping, happen within the genre. And, the best part is they’ll all make you laugh, even if you’re not exactly trying to study the nuances of the dirty comedy.

Comedians are expected to be subservient by one group, while others expect them to be irreproachable. Many observers of this industry profess the audience to grow a thick skin, but that approach is inefficient. The comics should grow a thick skin so they can survive attacks by hooligans and hashtags with the same resilience. In today’s time, having an opinion in itself is risky, but expressing opinions for a living is downright difficult. And therefore, Everyone thinks comedy should be included in Dirty Jobs.