Michael Merisier Junior: A Trader, Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Merisier Junior

Michael Merisier Junior is a very prominent entrepreneur born and raised in Haiti. He’s a founder and owner of luxury and exotic car rentals Bae in the South Florida area. And also jet skis and chartered yachts. 

Ideally, the car rental business would demand much time and attention due to the traditional business becoming low on inventory. Luxury rentals Bae, therefore, has been thriving in the industry and is currently expanding to different cities and markets. On the other side, it’s also expanding into auto repair and fleet management. 

Michael Merisier Junior identifies new opportunities and the emergency exotic and luxury car rental business based on his world-class entrepreneurial skills. He’s currently launching new projects with many opportunities in the testing and pharmaceutical field. He has also learned stock and currency trading, focusing on artificial intelligence trading. And a lot of opportunities in automation and trading education.

Michael Merisier Junior is dedicated and focused on making a difference after witnessing the first-class lack of entrepreneurship education and training and opportunities in third-world countries. he feels that entrepreneurship and trading can be amazing avenues to add value to people’s lives across the world. Even though entrepreneurship and trading come with their risks, Michael Merisier Junior still believes that with the proper education and training practices implemented, people can add real positive value and change the lives of others worldwide. 

While still growing his entrepreneurial skills, Michael Merisier Junior had great mentors who taught him that if you are not growing as a human being, you are dying. His growth has many tribulations and trials because of personal development through reading leadership books. From there, he invested in personal growth and quality leadership materials. As a result, Michael feels like anyone can go and grow through anything with a proper mindset. 

Michael Merisier Junior: Communication Skills and Confidence Makes a Different

As a business developer for over 15 years, Michael has the technology that makes a huge difference in business, for example, reading and understanding clients’ requirements. Firstly you need to understand there are a lot of areas that need focus more than others, for example, how effectively can you explain yourself about your services and values they’d add to the clients business. Then later understand why experienced business developers like Michael focus more on communication skills, being on both sides, that is, as client and services providers. Therefore a clear set of communication skills helps reduce confusion, delay of projects, and over budgeting. 

Michael Merisier Junior also explains why most organizations fail to perform well; therefore, the important aspect is learning how business development works and at what frequency your sales activities should reach out to clients in the most convenient manner.


Based on Michael Merisier Junior‘s entrepreneurial success, you can also become the greatest business developer like him. He has years of experience providing great opportunities in business industries by generating revenue and improving clients’ relationships. Let’s hope you grabbed all the information needed to become a master business developer.