Meaningful Aspects to Finding the Right Portrait Location for Event Photography: Richard Reinsdorf

Richard Reinsdorf

The most important aspect of photography is choosing a suitable location that will drive other meaningful decisions about the shoot. What props, lighting, clothes are suitable, and the pose by your subject. It is crucial to find the right location while shooting. The goal of this photography blog is to provide you with some tips on how to look for and plan your shoot. Richard Reinsdorf is a Creative Photographer at NoName Management, LA. 

He is passionate about fashion, beauty, and photography. With 20 years of experience, his special areas in photography are Lifestyle, Fashion, Advertising, Portrait, and Editorial. Richard loves exploring, and he travels all over the world. Richard Reinsdorf is passionate about everything in photography. He shares some meaningful insights about choosing the right portrait location for event photography. 

Choosing A Meaningful Location For Best Click.

Finding the perfect site for your shoot is one of the most important things you can do to make it memorable. By choosing a location that has meaning for you or your clients, you can add an extra layer of visual interest to your images and set the tone for the shoot. Possibilities are endless: a lakeside, an outdoor setting, or a beautiful country lane. Richard gives some ideas on how to find great locations effortlessly to make your shots even better.

The Location

Every photographer knows it all too well, especially when it comes to choosing a spot for an event. Don’t get stuck with the wrong location and ruin your wedding, business, or another shoot! Make sure you find just the best spot to make it look beautiful. Shooting your event in the perfect location can make all the difference. 

Never Let the Location Distract Your Ideas

An appropriate location is crucial in portrait photography, but remember that it is not the main subject. So don’t let it dominate your photography or scene. Periodically check the photos you take during your shoot – if you’re looking at scenes higher than the subject, you’re stressing the wrong thing too much.


When it comes to event photography, you may be surprised by the number of clients who don’t know what they want. And they could be looking for a photographer to provide them with photos that match their vision. Richard Reinsdorf mentions that the location of your event is a key factor in determining how you will be able to photograph it. If you want to take some good shots at an event, then choose a meaningful location. The location can make or break your photos. It can add character and personality to them, or it can ruin them completely.