Math Teacher in Los Angeles – Isabella Loretta Janke

Math Teacher in Los Angeles - Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella Loretta Janke, the most renowned and best math teacher, has been working in this field for more than 12 years. She has been teaching for over 12 years and dedicates her work to educating students. Isabella has extensive knowledge of mathematical concepts. She tries every day to motivate his students and is constantly looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge. Isabella has honed the art of teaching and is currently considered one of the best Math Teachers in Los Angeles.

Isabella Loretta Janke is currently pursuing another degree that will strengthen her skills and extensive understanding of math and help other teachers get used to the simplest teaching methods. Loretta follows the lessons of Albert Einstein and his quote which states “if you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Following this, she always focuses that every complex problem and issue is explained in the simplest manner and even the poor students of the class grasp the concept. Loretta developed an interest and love for math from a very young age and decided that she’s will become a math teacher. With dedication and hard work, she aced all of her classes and finally achieved her childhood dream of becoming a teacher. 

Educational Background of Isabella Loretta Janke

·        Student Teaching Internship in Mathematics

·        Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

·        Master’s Degree in Mathematics

Teaching skills

Along with deeply understanding all complexities and concepts of mathematics, Loretta also focused on learning the qualities and characteristics that every teacher regardless of the subject should know. Isabella believes that every teacher must have these 5 characteristics:

1.      Patient and Approachable

2.      Enthusiastic

3.      Strong Communication skills

4.      Expertise in the subject and solid education

5.      Disciplined and professional

She is currently considered one of the best math teachers for his mastery of algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus.

As a seasoned teacher, she knows how to learn more in less time. She is a compassionate teacher and knows when a student needs encouragement or is having a bad day. Isabella makes sure that her students can approach her for all the problems they and maintain a friendly environment in the classroom. Isabella addresses the student’s problems and helps them focus on the material again. All the skills that set him apart from the rest. If any parents or students are looking for Math Teacher in Los Angeles or online coaching to hone their math skills, they can contact Isabella Loretta Janke and get lessons in a variety of math topics.