Mags Lybolt: An Entrepreneur/Author

Mags Lybolt: An Entrepreneur/Author

Mags Lybolt is well known as a seasoned entrepreneur and author. She clearly understands that dedication is a necessity for one to start and run a business successfully. She’s an author of multiple books and is a fantastic, attentive mother to her children. 

She completed her studies at Purdue University with an MBA in Business. She has extensive knowledge of the business world, emphasizing marketing and technology. She founded and established a lucrative business in the Marketing sector in her late 20s. It was a significant time for her to do so as other companies were closing down or failing to launch due to what the United States was experiencing.

With a profound aptitude for business development, she was driven by inspiration when working closely alongside physicians. She became a marketing plan for a Physical Therapy company, where she noticed how her excellent work yielded incredible results. Many physicians were not taking advantage of proper marketing of their businesses. From that, Mags decided to strike out on her own and develop a business to fill the need. She successfully opened seven accounts in her first month of operation, which led to the firm’s rapid growth. She later pursued other businesses after accomplishing her company’s objective. 

As an author, Mags is considered a unique approach to the craft. However, many authors get excited about publishing their work with their names across the front. Mags the other side, at times uses pen names when it feels instinctual. She managed to develop passionate topics that are not personal to her but to many. Therefore, she doesn’t reveal the terms of the book as she intends the book to “find the readers”. She writes with the intent to instill genuine help. But only those that have brought the book and the book to them through an honest connection. 

Conclusion Two books will be launched under Mags LyBolt‘s name, “You Got This” —that’s meant to encourage and bless those reading it. It also includes brief readings in the text to help readers recognize their true selves and develop successful habits and “Prayers to Pray Over Your Children ”. — a book with short prayers to bless your child as you read it to them or with them. She noticed there were no books for parents who wanted to pray with their children. The book will help such parents and guardians in prayer day or night.