Looking for online haberdashery products? Here is the solution.

haberdashery online

Haberdashery is an old-fashioned word for the store you visit when you want to buy a suit or a shirt and tie. In the UK, the meaning is different. A British haberdashery sells sewing notions like buttons, zippers, and thread. The word comes from haberdasher, “seller of small things.” These small things sometimes traditionally included men’s hats, which led to the American definition of “men’s shop.”

What supplies do you find in online haberdashery stores?

In online haberdashery stores, you can find all the sewing things. In short, it’s an all-encompassing word describing is the small bits & bobs used in sewing projects. You could call them seam-star sewing accessories.

As anyone who regularly sews will tell you, there are some essential tools and supplies that you can’t live without. Here you can look at what is considered the essential items that you’ll need to complete any haberdashery project that you can find online.

Sewing needles and pins

No haberdashery toolbox would be complete without a range of sewing needles and an assortment of pins. Whether you use a sewing machine or intend to sew by hand, you’ll want a selection of different needles and pins to allow you to work on a variety of different types of fabric, which you can easily find in the section of online haberdashery products.


Having the right thread, which you can get from online haberdashery stores for your project, is much more than just choosing the right color. Delicate fabrics such as silk or satin will require special thread that doesn’t fray, while you’ll need a stronger type for thicker materials. Stock up on different colors and styles to make sure you have a comprehensive choice available.


Interfacing offers a way to add stiffness to fabric and is commonly used in millinery, dressmaking, costume making, and furnishing. It can add strength to areas such as buttonholes or help add rigidity to details such as a shirt collar. Having both fusible and non-fusible interfacings means you’ll be able to work with the majority of fabrics.


Your standard kitchen scissors won’t cut it when it comes to cutting lengths of fabric for your next project. So please do yourself a favor and buy a decent pair of fabric scissors from an online haberdashery store and make sure you don’t use them for anything else. You may also want to get some pinking shears, thread snippers, and a good-quality scissor sharpener.

Tape measure and gauge

A lightweight and easy-to-read tape measure is a necessity when it comes to all sorts of sewing projects. As well as a tape measure, another handy accessory is a sewing gauge, or measuring gauge as it is also known, which includes common sewing measurements in a single and easy-to-use gauge.

Fabric dye

One of the easiest ways to get the color you want is by using a dye on your fabric. These are available in online haberdashery stores in a huge selection of colors but make sure you choose the right one for your chosen fabric or trimmings.

Hooks and fastenings

From snap fasteners to hooks and eyes to wonder clips and hooks and bars, fastenings are necessary for all types of sewing projects.

Fabric markers

Marking your cut lines or jot down measurements, a good selection of fabric markers is a must for all types of haberdashery projects. Choices include chalk wheels, dressmaker pencils, erasable water markers, and water-soluble pencils, which you can look for in online haberdashery stores. This list isn’t exhaustive; there are hundreds of variations for each item, and it’s pretty broad. But, more often than not, you can’t complete a sewing project without using some haberdashery products from online haberdashery stores. And over time, your stash will increase along with your need for haberdashery storage and organization.