Know All About the Advanced Ground Instructor Test Prep

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Are you preparing for the ground instructor test? There couple of things you need to know concerning the ground instructor certificate. In most cases, some pilot and ground instructors claim a ground instructions certificate is easy to obtain even with little to zero experience in flying oral tests. As much as ground instructor test prep is concerned, you’ll be required to take a test and pass several computers based written examinations administered by local testing centers. These tests won’t make the certificate less meaningful, but becoming a ground instructor is the subject matter to help you gather some knowledgeable facts in particular areas of aviation. It will equip you with something to put down in your resume while attending interviews. Let’s check out some of the facts you need to know as you weigh your options concerning advanced ground instructor test preparation

  • You’ll Be Offered Three Types of Ground Instructor Certificates.

Suppose you are a primary ground instructor, advanced ground instructor or instrumental ground instructor. In that case, each certificate from the same allows you to provide ground training and endowment of the respective tests.

For advanced ground instructor test prep,  you’ll be authorized to perform all tasks that a primary ground instructor can do. Also, it provides you will receive all certifications with an instrumental rating as an exempt. Note that you do not need essential ground Instructor certificates if you are getting an advanced ground instructor.

  • Ground Instructor Certificates are More Affordable Compared To All Other Ratings

While preparing for the ground instructor test, note that no flight time is needed for this rating. For this reason, you will not be asked to pay any amount for instructor fee, designated pilot or aeroplane rentals. You’ll only need to pay for the test preparation tool you’ll select for your purchase and the airman knowledge test.

  • Ground Instructors Are Not Required To Keep Records

There are specified records that flight instructors are needed to keep, including the name of an individual whose Logbook instructor has endorsed for solo flight privilege and the dates of endorsement. Even though it may be valuable for ground instructors to keep identical records, you’ll not be asked to present the records in most cases.

  • Ground Instructor Certificates Does Not Expire

On successful completion and passed all ground instructor tests, you’ll be issued with a certificate that does not specify the expiry dates. Ground instructor certificate is different from a flight instructor, which is known to expire 24-month calendar from th time it was issued.

  • Becoming a Ground Instructor Is Rewards

Always stay motivated in respect to advance ground instructor test prep, as it’s a rewarding career. With broad knowledge, you can teach ground schools for gliders, helicopters or aeroplanes. For these reasons, you should develop your confidence and motivation before sitting for the ground instructor test for your fruitful future.


While planning for a career in aviation as an advanced ground instructor, take early preparation for the test administered by the respective institution. It’s because you need to broaden your knowledge and set of skills. Having considering ground instructor test prep, the rating is affordable, which will help you build a resume that you won’t regret.