Jacqueline Farmer: Everything You Need to Know

Jacqueline Farmer

Born and raised in Northampton, the heart of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, Jacqueline Farmer was a Brownie, a Girl Scout, and a member of the 4-H Club. She also took piano,  saxophone, and tap dancing lessons. Jacqueline Farmer competed all over the northeastern United States as a teen, and she’s currently still passionate about it as she practices dressage. She also attended Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, earning a degree in the US, and attended the University of Pennsylvania. She received a Master of Science in Counseling from their School of Education. Upon success in her post-graduate studies in biology and broadcast journalism, Jacqueline Farmer went on to work for the BBC World Service, Radio France Internationale, and various press outlets.

Her childhood close to the land and nature founded Jacqueline Farmer’s lifelong interest in attempting to understand the natural world and our place in it. She has produced and directed several natural history films like Hurricane, The Search for Snow, etc. 

She joined Saint Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, Minnesota, in 2002. She has helmed award-winning science and natural history projects as a director and producer for the past 13 years, working with National Geographic,  Channel Four, Discovery, National Geographic, France 2, Arte, etc., on numerous films and series.

Jacqueline Farmer has worked with many leading broadcasters. In 2019, Jackie set up the Nature Through Her Eyes Festival with war photographer Gary Knight. Her panel includes Bill Gardner- the Vice President, Programming & Development at PBS, Noel Kok, and Co-Founder & Programmes Director at Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress. It also includes renowned figures such as Lisa French and Laura Kloeckner, who joined Dosbox in 2020 and led the program Women In Dox.

Jacqueline Farmer – Director, Writer, and Producer

Jacqueline Farmer is the conference director and producer who supports and recognizes women’s contributions to the natural world. She has a long history of working in natural history documentaries, Farmer’s company, and Saint Thomas Productions. She has made it to producing and directing several natural history films and four-part series for CuriosityStream, looking at the role of women in filmmaking and photography. 


Life is always a big adventure. Jacqueline farmer tries to enjoy every bit as much as possible and try new hats she’s never worn before. In addition, she has a computer full of written stories from her reenergizing process. She’s currently living in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she continues to write, paint, and garden.