It’s Time to Talk about a Great Personality: Aaron Dungca

Aaron Dungca
Aaron Dungca

With the use of knowledge and skills, a person can achieve many things in life. Along with the knowledge and skills, motivation also plays an important role to become successful in life. Following it, Aaron Dungca is one such person who shows the importance of enhanced skills and knowledge in becoming a successful person. He is a versatile person who gained expertise in various fields.

He started his career as a Health and Physical Education Teacher and in the year 2021, and after that, in the year 2014, he started to work as Adjunct Physical Education Instructor. At this position, he was responsible for the execution of physical education course for undergraduates that were in critical need of physical education. He also managed and negotiated course funding, resourcing, and logistics with different stakeholders to ensure the best program delivery.

He also piloted a course for near about 28 participants which is completed by 93% of students, and that resulted in the successful securing of funds and resources for annual program delivery. He also delivered different program materials, communications, resources information, and graded to all students with the help of the MIT Stellar Learning Management System. With his passion for this field, he managed to gather different resources that were turned out to be very helpful for the management.

Later, in the year 2018, he shifted his field and started to serves as a Content Marketing Associate. At this position, he was responsible for the assistance in growing a startup company which was a military-owned company through the development of advanced marketing campaigns to acquire additional, new, and renewal service subscriptions. He also managed the inquiries of clients on project deliverables, vendor pricing, deliveries, and service executions.

With his hard work and determination, he managed to obtain a 15% increase in service which resulted in 2000 dollars weekly profit with the help of educational presentations of maintenance protocols and rigorous site inspections. Aaron developed real-time data through Google drive and optimized the data-sharing process as well. With his executions, he also increased overall productivity by a total of 32 working hours.  

Aaron Dungca is a working professional who has been working diligently for the last more than 10 years. With his passion and determination, he manages to become a recognized name in the field of sports and as an operation manager. In the field of sports, he also served as a football and basketball coach for several years.