Isabella Loretta Janke: Life Coach Talks about 5 Essential Habits every New Yorker Should Have

Life Coach in NYC - Isabella Loretta Janke

New York is and has been the top-tier city of the world for decades. From the latest technological advancements to the best cuisine, New York has it all. In whatever criteria you compare, New York ranks as the best city in the world. And New Yorkers have their own culture that cannot be found in any other city in the world. New Yorkers walk at a fast pace, they are always loud with their celebrations, you can find them at pizza shops, and all lanes cars stop even if there wasn’t an accident and a whole lot more.

These habits and lifestyles get weirder and many of them feel overwhelmed by the city’s lifestyle. This increases the importance of getting guidance and support from a Life Coach, who can help you with stressing and overwhelming issues of your life. Isabella Loretta Janke is one of those Dedicated and compassionate life coaches who have spent her time helping people out with their relationship, career, and financial issues. Having done more than a thousand therapy sessions, Isabella thinks that Every New Yorker should inculcate and develop these lifestyle habits in their lifestyle to  make their life better and happier.

  •  Eating Healthy Food: New York has all kinds of food, the dollar pizzas and Starbucks are delicious enough to make you forget that you need any nutrition to go through the day. While you can find a lot of great street vendors and extravagant bakeries here, you need to focus on getting a diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. If you look around along with these quick fast food, you can also find eateries that are famous for making delicious food with healthy oils, herbs, and spices.
  •  Expand Your Network: As mentioned earlier, New York has the best of the best talents and achievers in the world. While you might end up spending most of your time working and traveling, meeting these individuals of diversified cultures and expertise can help you in many aspects of your life. Being in the network of these highly successful and hard-working people boosts and uplift you too. (and obviously, your network can be a great support during the struggling moments of your life)
  • Exercise and Meditate: New Yorkers are workaholics, most of them work more than 10 hours a day, and that barely leaves them with any time to do other things. But to handle this kind of work pressure and stress, it’s very important to keep their mind calm and body healthy. As New York is on and opens 24/7, the best recommendation from Isabella is to Schedule Meditation sessions in the morning and your workouts at night so that you can go to bed with your body exercised and start your mornings with a clear mind to work better.
  •  Have a No-Technology Hour: New York never stops, apparently never sleeps too. You can find people spending most of their time either working on their laptops or active on social media. It’s important to take a break and rest from this online fast pace life. So you can have moments of self-reflection and self-introspection.
  • Make time For Family: As mentioned earlier, New Yorkers don’t stop for anything and they work a lot. That means most of them are uni-dimensionally focused on their careers. And as a result, their personal life becomes a mess, most of them spend little to none of their time with their kids and families which result in bad emotional health.

Isabella Loretta Janke spends most of her time with patients to help them with their stress, relationship, and work issues. If you are looking for guidance and help in managing your life. Contact one of the best life coaches in the city and schedule an appointment with Isabella.