Here’s ICSE Question Banks 2021-22 Class 10 Launched! How to Kickstart Preparations?


ICSE board is a private and non-governmental board of school education in India. These schools try to imbibe practical knowledge and analytical skills among the students. The name of the board examinations of class 10 gives goosebumps to every student who is appearing for the exam.

Oswaal Books has launched a series of ICSE Question Banks Class 10 2021-22 to safeguard the students and provide them with the right path to give a meticulous head start to their preparation. With the launch of these question banks, the biggest question arises how to start with the preparation? Are the ICSE books class 10 sufficient to take you through with the board exams with flying colors?

Need not worry, in this article we’ll take you on a tour to give a smooth and planned kick start for your class 10 preparation.

  • Be through with the syllabus:

Getting acquainted with the syllabus is the prerequisite to get started with the preparation for the ICSE Class 10 board examinations. You should keep a tab of the important topics with the maximum weightage for the preparation. The newly launched Oswaal Question Banks are purely designed from the latest ICSE syllabus of class 10 so that you get the best for your preparation. All the previous year’s questions have been completely solved in the question bank.

  • Make a proper routine:

Make a proper study routine for your preparation and follow it wisely. Start from the beginning and divide your time properly for every topic. Make a proper timetable and study routine. Don’t indulge your mind so much in books that you even forget to take breaks.

  • Refer to good books:

Having good study material is a key aspect to help you with the preparation of the class 10 board examinations. You can get an ample number of ICSE question banks for class 10 and you can practice from them for your exam. With these question banks from Oswaal, you will also witness the common mistakes that students usually make in the exam and how you can avoid them in your exam with amazing tips. The best part is that you will also get the dynamic QR code that will help provide the latest updates and notifications for the examination.

  • Practice well:

Mere learning and understanding the concepts won’t help you on the day of the examination if you didn’t practice well. You should solve various practice papers and previous year’s papers so that you know how to attempt the exam. You will get all these previous year’s papers and practice papers in the latest launched question banks by Oswaal Books for class 10. These question banks have topic-wise and chapter-wise practice material for better preparation. You will also encounter the latest typologies of the questions for wholesome practice for 2021-22 class 10 boards.

  • Make important notes:

You should make notes of important topics while studying for the examination. With the Oswaal ICSE Question Banks for class 10 2021-22, you can easily go through the concept videos to make the learning simpler. You will also witness the mind maps, mnemonics, and other tools with these books that will make the learning fun for you.

Final Thoughts

If you remain consistent and practice whole-heartedly for the ICSE Class 10 board examinations, then you can achieve your goals. Oswaal Class 10 2021-22 books are there to support your for your goal. They will help you throughout your preparation journey. Just grab them at the earliest to make the most out of it!!