How you can renovate your kitchen in a cost-effective way?

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Kitchens are one of the most expensive areas to renovate due to the material and labour costs. But the good news is a cost-effective way of kitchen renovation is possible.

As the homeowner, it’s ultimately up to you to keep costs down for your kitchen renovation project, says interior design studio. All of the secondary parties involved—including contractors, subcontractors, architects, designers, and suppliers—are trying to maximize their profits as you’re trying to maximize your savings. While it’s not common to work with a person who willfully attempts to punch holes in your budget by heaping on extra costs, you’ll still likely have to remind the secondary parties to stay on budget throughout the project. What’s easier to control are the renovation choices you make to keep the costs manageable.

Here are some tips from interior design studio to lower your kitchen renovation budget and make it into a cost-effective way.

Paint kitchen cabinets

These days the best paint for kitchen cabinets delivers a premium look at a budget price point, as long as you don’t mind spending a bit of time wielding a paintbrush.

Cream kitchens act as a blank canvas, meaning you can easily give your space a fresh feel by updating your cupboards in the latest colours.

Replace doors

If painting is not enough to change the look, you can replace doors and drawer fronts. Rather than buy a whole new fitted kitchen at a cost that could mean remortgaging the house, it’s talking about spending a far smaller amount to make a huge impact still.

Take the fronts of the cupboards off and replace them with new doors to give the whole kitchen a brand new look on a budget.

Update your kitchen floor

If a worn floor is letting the scheme down, there are a range of smart kitchen flooring ideas to choose from that will breathe new life into your space.

You don’t need to go to the hassle of taking it all up either, as you can lay new flooring on top. In addition, most interior design studios will advise that you run it underneath the plinths instead of wall-to-wall, which further cuts your costs.

Improve your kitchen storage

It’s incredible how much you accumulate over the years. Try setting aside an afternoon to sort out your kitchen cupboards, then organize them, so you have access to the things you use every day.

Clearing your worktops can also instantly improve your kitchen, and it won’t cost you anything at all. Alternatively, try rethinking storage solutions. For example, put up extra kitchen shelving and hanging rails to make use of every available space.

Install extra lighting

Smart kitchen lighting ideas can make a big impact to a kitchen’s look and feel. The row of pendant lights in this U-shaped kitchen provides a welcome pop of colour and light up the breakfast bar area.

Ideally, it would help with task lights over the worktops, such as spotlights, halogen bulbs on the extractor, and overhead lighting with ambient light in a dining area. Always use a qualified electrician for anything complicated.

Try to avoid anything that’s too extreme, as there’s already a lot of activity going on in the kitchen, and you don’t want it to seem even busier, says interior design studio. And always opt for high-quality paint to ensure a durable finish. Finishing touches such as artwork, soft furnishings and shelving displays make open-plan schemes warm and inviting. They are easy to replace and update seasonally or whenever you fancy a new look.