How WherezHemp Can Save Your Money & Time


WherezHemp offers industrial hemp consulting to your business and is considered some of the leading experts in the market. To make a successful hemp business, it takes a collaborator to help you navigate through the entire process from seed to sale. 

Supporting you with a resources network in the hemp industry, WherezHemp has experts who start with farming, processes, labs, and retail product. Then, they offer efficient guidance to maximize the yields. 

Here is the list of stages of the hemp supply chain and how each can benefit from WherezHemp.


Hemp is presaged as the latest super crop. After getting a federal clearance, it has become the most attractive for new farmers as well as veterans. The farmers need to understand their state legislation, guidelines, and rules. Besides, they know what will help to produce the highest-quality best hemp crops. Knowing all this can be overwhelming, and that’s where WherezHemp can help you navigate through particular state regulations, insurance, transportation, the application process, harvest options, whether to sell crops, and others. They have a vast network of resources that work in partnership with the farmers to connect with the hemp farming business. 

Laboratories & Processes

A [processing facility or a lab is needed to make sure they have the harvest, to begin with, CBD extraction. If the harvest is not properly dried, the quality can be compromised. After the oil has been extracted, it must be checked for potency, purity, quality, THC levels, heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants, and terpene profiles.

WherezHemp has access to both farmers and manufacturers, making sure the best fit to the lab. They work what individual farmers want for their crops to determine the type of processing lab the harvest must go to and the facility that matches the manufacturers. WherezHemp serves as the middleman, bringing the resources together by bridging the gap. 


After the CBD oil is processed and refined, it heads to the manufacturing stage. It now transforms into several CBD-based products that are found in the market today. Manufacturers must ensure they are buying the finest quality product from a reputable and licensed lab. Besides, CBD oil must meet all the standards. Manufacturers have specialties where they take the raw material and create an end product, including analgesic, balm, pet product, beverage, and more. 

A knowledgeable hemp consultant with a well-connected network can be a lot of help. In addition, manufacturers can benefit from WherezHemp by identifying the lab that is fit to supply the best raw materials required to produce the end product. 


WherezHemp helps retailers or wholesalers in many different ways, such as expanding the product line, sourcing quality products, finding customers, marketing strategies, warehousing, and storage, finding a retailer, recognizing products for labeling, and much more. Hemp products are not created equally, and WherezHemp helps ascertain that the ultimate products come from well-reputed manufacturers using premium quality raw materials.

To Conclude

WherezHemp helps in the process from farming to selling the Hemp/CBD products at every stage of the supply chain. Moreover, you need not worry about the marketing of your online hemp businesses.