How to Choose the Best Detailing Spray For Your Car


There are quite a good number of detailing spray paint available for selection. Therefore, it will depend on your taste and preference to discover the best automotive detailer and spray waxes available in the market. Car detailing spray is the main reason to make your car look sharp between waxes and washes with no time. While on a physical or digital store, you will discover the shelves filled with various detailing sprays, therefore, finding it hard to decide the best one for you. With the different types of car detailing, this article will guide you whenever you decide on the best detailer. Let’s explore the types of detailing spray based on their specifications and directions on using it.

  • FastLane Lifestyle

It is mostly used for external detailing services specifically made for race cars. You are strongly recommended to use a ceramic coating on all premium paintings for racing cars.


 With a fast-lane lifestyle, directly spray it on a panel while wiping side to side motion. Any excess residue can be removed using a dry microfiber cloth.

  • Graphene Nano Spray Coating

Thinking of a long-lasting detailer? Graphene Nano Spray coating is the solution for you. It is an oxide-based coating offering protection to your surface for up to 12 months. Therefore, it works by reducing surface tension, making it hard for water spots to get into the painting of the car. In addition, it features high water angles that hydrophobic properties for preventing water from sticking to the surface.


The initial step is to clean and dry your car exterior and claying your paint. Once done, you can apply Graphene Nano Spray on the clean surface.

  • CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover

It is a detailing spray used when there is a need to remove water mineral droplets spots left on the car’s surface. It’s considered the best, fast, and efficient water spots remover to dissolve bonded mineral contaminants from your car.


Washing your car to remove any contaminant is the first step, then shake CarPro content before spraying immediately, wiping off any residue. Finally, dry and inspect your surface.

  • P & S Bead Maker Paint Protectant

With all the positive results and goodness, P & S bead maker paint protectant has been the talk of the town. It’s because it can be even be applied on a wet surface. It also has migrating molecules that attach the paint to the surface of the car.


It gives you perfect results when applied to a freshly detailed car. Ensure to clay your paint to remove any contaminant. Once applied P & S to the surface of your car, allow it to cure for about 8 hours after wiping off with a piece of microfiber cloth.


Regarding the exploration of car detailing spray, with their details and specification, you should never have a hard time selecting the best one for your car. Take anything and invest in protecting your car with detailing spray. Then, drive a brand new-looking car every day.