Hair Styling Ideas Using Indian Hair Extensions

Rie Hair Boutique

Well, we all want what we can’t have. Maybe you were born with a treacherous fine hair gene, or maybe your locks won’t grow fast no matter how many prayers you say and gummy vitamins you take. There are so many reasons you may want to opt to wear hair extensions. From transforming your hair from short to too long in just minutes to adding volume to your hair, or getting thicker braids instantly, or creating a beautiful hair bun or updo, hair extensions are a quick and effective way to play around with your look. 

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as opening a perfectly packaged box of hair extensions. Not a hair is out of place, not a split end in sight. It’s a miracle, if you think about it, the ability to go from that adorable lob to waist-length locks in just a few moments. 

Suppose you are new to the world of hair extensions. In that case, Indian human hair extension bundles will help you to create those looks, and REI Hair Boutique will teach you the basics of how to wear and style hair extensions as mastering the art of wearing hair extensions takes a little bit of practice.

How to wear hair extensions?

You will need:

● Clip-In hair extensions

● Butterfly clamps or any large hair clips to section hair

● Paddle brush

● Dry shampoo

● Teasing comb

Before styling your hair extensions, it is important you prep your locks to ensure the style lasts all day or night:

  1. Start with clean hair. If it’s blow-dried, that’s even better to give it more volume.
  2. Clip your hair into four equal sections, spritz dry shampoo at the roots to give your locks some texture.
  3. Tease a little at the roots to give the clips something to hold onto.

It is especially important if you have straight, silky hair. Finally, before clipping the Indian human hair extension, be sure to run through the extension with a paddle brush.

When you are ready to clip them in, start with the middlemost clips, line them up with the middle of your head, and work outward to ensure, they are as tight as possible. Once you have worked your way up to the roots, you can start styling your hair with effortless looks.

Here are some hairstyles to style your hair with the help of the India human hair extension bundle :

● Half Up Bun

● Bubble Braid

● Voluptuous Waves

● Loose Double French Braids

● Thick Loose Braid

● Voluminous Low Pony

● Half-Up Fishtail

● Giant Messy Bun

● Half Bun with Loose Curls

● Half Up Half Down

● Beachy Waves

● Waterfall Braids

● Half-Up Twist

● Bouncy, Voluminous Curls

● Simplistic Half Up Style

You should keep in mind a few things before buying hair extensions that quality is everything. Indian human hair extension bundles are made of good quality, which will make your hair look healthier, not like the inexpensive extensions as they are likely to be made out of synthetic materials that look nothing like human hair.

Yes, it is great to use hair extensions; who cares if it’s not natural? With any one of these effortless styles, your new hairdo will look as if you got it from your momma and not from a box.