Get the Premium Gold Gemstone Necklace at the Best Price

Gemstone necklaces

The human obsession for gold is a world-renowned fact. And when somebody mentions buying gold, it means buying gold jewelry. For an average Indian Gold buyer, it is an investment and a precious accessory for fashion and flaunting. On average, it has been seen that Indians are the top consumers of gold jewelry. The number of jewelry stores speckled across India is a testimony to this. As a population of gold lovers, we believe we have mastered the art of buying gold jewelry. 

The Dos for Buying Gold Jewellery

Being a gold-loving nation, the mention of yellow metal catches our attention. Sometimes, this distracts us from doing the due diligence to buy gold jewelry. We make mistakes in the rush to buy gold at the best rates. However, remembering the dos of buying gold jewelry can ensure that you get the worth of your investment. 

Check the purity

Checking the purity should be the first step of buying any gold jewelry, especially when it is a gold gemstone necklace, as this is the most precious gold jewelry of all. The best way to check for purity of gold is to find the hallmarking on the piece of jewelry. The hallmark is the mark that carries the official proportion of gold that has been used in the jewelry. 

Know the Basics

You know that you have to check for the hallmark before getting the gold gemstone necklace. You should also know how to read it. Every jewelry with a hallmark comes with a specific number, usually engraved with the BIS stamp. It also carries the year of hallmark and a mark to identify the jeweler who made this jewelry. To understand the cartage, find the letter “K.” This denotes karat or purity percentage.

Cross-check the rates

The purity of gold determines its price. Every day, the prices of gold change and jewelry stores display bullion rates for their consumers. Every time it is essential to cross-check the prices according to the market. To give you an idea about how to calculate the price of gold, discount the purity of gold from the bullion price.

Making Charges

We can quickly negotiate the making charges from the seller. Though it varies from seller to seller, we can easily bargain the making cost as it is generally a percentage of the current gold price. 

Always ask for the bill

Bill is the proof that you got the jewelry from a particular seller. It makes the reselling process more accessible. Also, it saves you from all the formalities and gives you proof of having a particular weight of gold. 


Buying the best gold gemstone necklace is quite a task. But these points will help you while getting the gold. Always keep these things in mind before getting your next gold ornament.