Get the best truck driving education in Edmonton.


The best truck driving education Edmonton will depend on the company you want to work for and the experience you wish to have. There are three types of truck driving schools: a private trucking school, a partner CDL driving school, or a company-owned truck driving school. 

Private trucking schools offer CDL training and is paid for by the driver. 

Companies will partner with CDL driving schools and require their future employees to receive training there. A majority of the time, these companies will then sponsor the driver through the training program.

The cost of truck driving education Edmonton varies from school to school, and it isn’t as easy as taking the least expensive choice. The course length can determine the price, and some courses are as short as two weeks, while others may be five to eight weeks in length. It is not like comparing apples to apples, and there are so many different variables involved. 

Pros and Cons

No matter what type of school you choose, they are all in the business of doing the same thing. They are here to help you learn how to drive a tractor-trailer. You are at the training school to get your CDL-A and be a safe entry-level CDL-A truck driver. Any of these schools can do that for you. There are differences in Private, Public, and Carrier Schools, mainly being in the price of the course, how it is paid, the length of the course, and where you choose to go to work.

Checking out the Schools 


When you call a school, it doesn’t matter what type of school they are, private, public, or carrier, the person that talks to you about their program should be knowledgeable in the programs that they have to offer. 


You should call with questions that you have concerning your training. There are so many things to take into consideration before you choose the right school for you, such as: 

  1. Do you have full and part-time classes?
  2. What are the hours?
  3. How long are your classes?
  4. Do you help me get my permit?
  5. How much are the courses?
  6. Do you have financial aid or ways to help me pay for the course?
  7. Do you have to go with one particular company?
  8. Do you have recruiters come in to talk to the classes?
  9. Do you have job placement assistance?
  10. Is there tuition reimbursement?

You should expect them to be very responsive. They know all about their school and the training courses that they have to offer. They should give you even more to think about after asking your questions. 


If they are a private, public, or carrier school, several things will be the same. The representative you talk to from the school should give you the additional information that you might not have thought of concerning your training on truck driving education Edmonton. 


You will expect them to be kind, and you are potentially a paying customer seeking their service and training. If they are rude or too busy to talk to you about your questions and concerns, you might want to think about checking with another school. 

Talk to students in the program.

Sometime during your school tour, speak with students that are now training. This may be very beneficial to you. Asking them questions, hearing about their experiences might give you a little extra information to base your decision on choosing a school. You will learn about the different types of Training Programs that the school offers from their representative.

One of the main things to look at when choosing a school for truck driving education Edmonton should be their placement rate, and it should be in the high 90 per cent. There are so many jobs available, and the school has all the sources at their fingertips to help their recent graduates get a job right out of school.The bottom line after you picked your school, and have done your training, and are ready to start your new career in the trucking industry, is, of course, a job. So go through the points mentioned above and choose the best truck driving education Edmonton.