For every couple, a matching swimsuit!


This roundup of the best couples’ swimwear has you covered.

Why is Matching So Hot Right Now?

First, why are couple matching swimsuits so hot right now? What was once a touristy, tacky thing reserved for Disney families has become something everyone is doing now with their cute his-and-hers swim. What has happened?

It looks much better if the couple coordinates their outfits. It’s not a good look for a girl wearing her best bikini to the beach with a man in baggy athletic shorts next to her. With the advent of Instagram and the availability of cameras everywhere, matching outfits or at least matching colors is easy. It stands out on the beaches and exudes confidence, love, and fun.

If we want to dive into the psychology of it, couples all over the globe have been pairing since LONG before Americans got on board. Many cultures have teams wearing matching outfits to show that they are in love. In South Korea, for example, young couples often wear matching outfits to express their love.

There is a problem with searching for “matching couples’ swimwear.” You often find cheesy, tacky options instead of high-quality, flattering, and chic prints. Matching designer swimwear should be slow-fashion, not fast-fashion. It should have fits and photographs that will last a long time. When Kenny, my fiancee, and I discovered how much fun it was to match swimwear on our travels around the globe, we both realized the importance of better quality. We created a swimwear line for him and her that is both high quality and has matching prints.

Pink Camo Swimsuit

This Pink Camo Matching Swimsuit Set makes an excellent gift for a couple on the move! They have a contemporary look thanks to the matching cut bikini bottoms. The shorts also feature handy pockets so you can keep all your essentials close at hand. You will be the ‘best-dressed couple’ with your bright colors and cheeky cut!

Camo Swimsuit

Matching swimwear is the best way to show your love! His and hers Blue Camo Swimsuit is a great option to make an Insta-worthy statement at the beach or pool. Enjoy cocktails and a sunset cruise in the most adorable matching swimwear!


Are you planning a summer vacation this summer? You can’t have a summer vacation without matching swim trunks and bikinis in fun, vibrant prints! They are also resistant to fading. They are made from high-quality materials and have the perfect stretch for maximum comfort. This matching set of swimwear will look great on you!

The perfect anniversary or Valentine’s gift is matching swimwear. Hundreds of people will love your vacation outfits, available in three vibrant colors.