Extra page Custom Designs For Notebooks

add extra pages to notebook

We may have a built-in notes app installed in our gadget-driven lives, but the ease that a custom notebook provides cannot be equaled.

Writers know that the experience of writing is incomparable and that no amount of technology will ever be able to replace the personal touch that comes from writing things down.

Are you the kind of person that feels the need to put their unique mark on everything they do? It’s possible that decorating notebooks may become your new passion.

Personalizing custom notebooks to add extra pages to notebook at school, work, or work can be a great idea. So, let’s have a look at some of the custom designs for personalized notebooks. 

  1. Cover with cloth fabric 

This easy trick transforms an average notepad into something special by using a fabric of your choosing.

Make a statement with a robust design, or go for something a bit more subtle that still expresses your style.

  • Use decorative washi tapes. 

Washi tape and papercrafts seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Attach rows of colorful tape to the notebook cover in a pattern to create an attractive and one-of-a-kind diary.

Matching washi tape may be used to decorate pencils to match your notebook’s design. The process of creating a powerful design statement has never been more straightforward. 

  • Use leftover paper scraps.

Decorate a plain composition book with attractive leftover paper scraps and ribbon to make it seem more special and add extra pages to notebook. Add a few pencils, and you’ll be ready for class in minutes! Simply adhere some matching scrapbook paper to the front cover and attach a ribbon pen holder to the inside cover.

Your laptop is now as functional as it is visually appealing.

  • Customized shape notebooks 

Don’t you think these heart-shaped notepad covers are the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Prepare the notebook cover by punching heart-shaped holes and gluing your chosen paper design on the reverse.

Finish by hand-stitching around the perimeter of the hearts to complete the project. 

  • Add leather tag 

People don’t always want to decorate their notebooks with intricate designs. They simply want to identify them. Learn how to create a primary leather tag and how to attach it to a moleskin notebook. This will develop extras of this craft to make it so stylish.

  • House shaped notebooks

Do you have any young children in your household? Make them some altered notebooks in the form of houses.

Using an angle cutter, cut the notebook’s cover to look like a roofline, then glue on tiny wooden shingles, kraft paper, and scrapbook tiles to complete the look. They will look adorable, and they will soon become a favorite of your child’s. Adults will like them as well.


A notebook is a must-have stationery item for rapidly jotting down your thoughts and scribbling down notes on the go.

Notebooks that are customized to your preferences are now available. Your stationery collection will be elevated and refined due to the addition of personalized notebooks to add extra pages to the notebook. Moreover, it is a great giving option, not only for your colleagues or friends but also for your family members.