Everything You Want to Know About Jared Ekola

Jared Ekola


Jared Ekola is recognized as an outdoor enthusiast. He has shown much interest in health, the food industry, and Supplements. He was very interested in science and maths while still in high school. His extra-curricular activities include hiking, bouldering, yoga, tennis, snowboarding, and capoeira. He also played saxophone in the school band. 

Jared Ekola graduated from high school with a degree in the healthcare industry. He then had to balance his studies and part-time work. With his hard work and experience,  he has a decade of successful expertise in the healthcare industry. He made a career change and pursued his interest in another field- the food industry. 

After shifting his focus in the food industry,  Jared Ekola gained interest in organic food and food preparation, including supplements, crafts, brewing, diet, and cooking. He has experience and expertise that would help him expand his knowledge in the food industry. He constantly researches more about food trends such as healthy foods and how to prepare them.

Jared Ekola grew up in southern California. For km there,   he got much exposure to different foods. He, in turn,  developed another interest in food and cooking. He attended his high school while still working at a fast-food spot where he served the best lunch menus to friends and the local community. He strongly felt the gravity of nature. He would take adventurous outdoor trips to the Channel Islands, snow mountains, and beaches to hike and photograph. Additionally, he enjoyed snowboarding and bouldering at lake Tahoe, Mammoth lakes, bishop, and Joshua tree national park.

Jared Ekola ill-considered outdoor career Industry working for an outdoor gear company. He became an outdoor guide, conservation advocate / non-profit work, national park concessionaire position, and working at a ski resort. He also read and followed blogs from his favorite investors online. Spend less than you earn – invest the surplus – avoid debt. Keeping it simple is more powerful. Simple is what gets you the best results. Therefore, negating this, when talking about simplicity, we’re talking about index funds and specifically broad-based stock and then bond index funds when you bring them into it. Jared Okola has also been donating blood for the community for years, which is essential to help patients survive chronic illnesses, surgeries, traumatic injuries, and cancer treatment. 


Jared Ekola brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from working in the healthcare industry. He actively implements teamwork,  professionalism, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking,  attitude and confidence, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, taking the initiative, and a strong work ethic. He’s a firm believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace.