Everything You Want to Know About Gary Gentry’s Trucker Songs

gary gentry trucker songs

There are various songs about trucking, but Gary Gentry’s trucker songs are the most well-known. The music has become a trucker classic and a national treasure in the United States. Garry Gentry’s songs are amusing and unforgettable, so they’re all about trucker comedy. They’re also widely used in the transport industry.

The Mama Trucker Song

The two individuals behind the Little Brother Trucker and Little Mother Trucker records will remain anonymous (we think they are on the lamb). Their tracks have already been heard on the radio by renowned songwriters. However, because the songs on such CDs are pretty adult, they will only be heard on satellite radio. Their soundtrack is inventive, and their lyrics are, well, for truckers, with lines like “Little Brother Truck with a tire iron, he stands approximately ten feet tall,” for example. The albums feature tunes both with lyrics and the fictitious Trucker News Radio Show, all written by these two prolific songwriters. The lyrics are not for laughing hyena and are obscene enough to offend some adults.

Brother Trucker Song

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you should check out these pictures. The first Little Brother Trucker CD, in our opinion, is the best of the bunch, but you can make your own decision. They’re good songs, and good songs never die. It simply gets better with age. If you thought Baby Brother Truck was wild and crazy, wait until you hear “Little Mom Trucker’s” craziness. These deliciously bawdy tunes were composed and performed by a couple of female truck drivers who will appeal to every toasty true American. The songs are not for children and are obscene enough to offend many adults. However, their inventive lyrics are aimed at actual truckers who really can handle it.

What is New with This Year

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