Essential Tips To Remove Hair Extension

Virgin Hair

Hair extension is one relaxed hair everyone would like to wear. Yes, you will feel and look lovish when you apply one. Have you used a hair extension, and you think you are beyond the point of no return and need to get rid of your extension? Removing hair extensions is more straightforward and very much more accessible than bonds. Should you find yourself in such situations, you need not worry about virgin hair, and there are simple tips to remove hair extensions safely.

  • Gather All of Your Hair into a Ponytail

It’s the first step. Pull your extension into one or two hair clips at the top of your head. You can still try pulling them together into a big hair clip or separate your natural hair and the hair extension.

  • Separate Section of Your from the Ponytail

It is the second step. After separating ponytail sections, it is easier to start with small sections first at the nape of the neck and the base of your head. You can do this using a comb with a long pointed end to remove even the sections.

  • Find the End of The Thread

Use your fingers to find the end of the thread. The extensions need to be removed against the slug with your scalp with the thread. Your fingers should be moved along the braid where the extension was sewed.

  • Unravel The Thread from The Scalp 

Once you find where the extension was sewed, use both ends to pull the thread from your extension gently. One hair should hold your natural hair root as the other hand firmly grasp the extension and lightly puts it in the opposite direction to unravel the sewing.

  • Use Special Hair Product

Some extensions are usually coated with salon products safely without damage. You will need to apply some particular product to your hao extension, relax for a couple of minutes, and work from bottom to top of your head using a wide-toothed comb.

  • Find Thread and Remove One by One

Do not rush; pull out a little of your ponytail gradually to ensure there isn’t any piece of hair extension hidden in your natural hair.

  • Unravel Then Comb Your Natural Hair

When done, unravel any braid used to secure your hair extension, then use a wide-tooth comb to remove any other material. Spray hair detangling solution to pieces that you’ll find difficult to remove.

  • Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

It’s the final step when removing hair extensions. Your hair will sometimes need to rest after the removal of the extension. Therefore, wash your hair with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner to help your hair get the nutrients into the hair and scalp.


With the above simple tips to remove hair extensions for virgin hair, nothing should stop you now. Guided by the recommendations, you can always use as little time as possible. It’s okay and normal to get tired of hair extensions, and one would be pleased and feel overwhelmed ripping out all the hair extensions one time.