Effective Solutions to Dispose Dental Sharps Safely

dental sharps disposal

The amount of hazardous waste generated by dental offices is uncountable. Some of these wastes need to be disposed of properly, and others should have regulations in the offices to ensure sharp dental disposal. Waste in dental offices can be categorized into several regulated categories, such as dental amalgam, pharmaceuticals, sharp objects and other materials. Among these, sharp objects are the most common medical waste in dental offices. These sharp wastes are the most publicly observed form of medical waste. It is because the federal and state government mostly advertise about these dental sharps disposal. They are also aware of the general public about how they can properly dispose of the sharps. It is very important to know and follow the regulations when disposing of the sharps that need to be thrown away. 

How to dispose of dental sharps safely?

There are several effective solutions for the disposal of sharp dental objects safely.

Use the right sharps disposal containers.

We should not throw these sharps into the general trash bin or recycling bin in the OfficeOffice. It should be discarded in a proper container. Also, it would be great if these containers are portable travel containers or drop slot containers. Also, the lid of this container should not only be closed, but also it should be sealed completely to prevent leakage or spills during the transportation process. 

Organize the OfficeOffice correctly

All the sharps in the container must be placed in specific areas to comply with the regulations. The room where these procedures requiring dental sharps are performed must have a sharps disposal container. The dentists should put these containers in the areas that are easy to see and easy to reach. 

Discard Sharps containers the right way

The FDA suggests that dentists stop using a sharp container once it is about ⅔ full or the fill to line. When the container reaches the point, it must be closed and sealed as instructed on the label found on the container. Then the container must be brought to the sharps disposal program. There are various kinds of programs that various organizations hold. Such programs are mail-back programs, a waste pick-up service, syringe exchange program, dropbox, supervised collection sire or a hazardous waste collection, and much more. These programs help to decompose these dental sharps safely. 

Help Employees to understand proper disposal

Each employee in a dental office must know about the correct method of dental sharps disposal. The employer should make sure that all the employees are aware, and they should not carry or re-handle the medical waste. The employee should always dispose of their sharps and other waste at the point of use or where the items have been in contact with a patient or other infected material. It will help protect everyone in the OfficeOffice, employees and patients, from being exposed to the potential infections and diseases happening because of these dental sharps.