Does Using Call Recording app Make Me A Bad Parent?


OK, all the parents out there let’s share some insights. Tell me how many of you use a parental control app or spy app for your kid. No need to feel ashamed about it as your secret is safe here. Well, I am the one. Until a few months ago I was among the parents who do not believe in such technology. I have always thought about such apps and schemes as some scam and they are only here to take our data and money as well. But once I saw the results I became a total fan and now I use the parental control app for my kids.

  • 61 % of parents confessed that they monitor kids’ smart gadgets.

Now tell me who are you. Did you think about that 61% as some bad parents or did you think positively? It is ok to think bad as most people don’t even know the significance of such apps. How many of your kids tell you all about their friends and company. Do you know about their day to day activity to whom they call when they are in trouble? I am sure not most of today’s teenagers are so much open about such stuff. They keep things to themselves and it is simply their nature. Now how can you know if anyone is bullying them or they are receiving weird late-night calls from unknown caller id? This and many other such features want the parent to find a respectable yet effective way to keep an eye on the child. The use of spy apps and features like the call recording app is offered by the OgyMogy spy app that offers a very economical budget. Here is how you can be a good parent even if your use the spy app as it is just for the sake of the safety ad supervision of the child.

Stop The late Night Calls:

The app can let you know about any late-night calls of the kid. Have access to the incoming and outgoing calls and make sure your kid is not calling any weirdos late at a night. The app can let you identify the caller id as well. Know if any adult is playing tricks with an innocent teenager’s mind and have bad intentions toward him. The call records can help you track any such call or caller id just with a few clicks.

Keep A check on the Video Call Content :

Instant messenger chat apps have made things very easy for smartphone users. You can make a free audio video call to anyone without any problem if you have access to the internet. This has made cheap and long calls so much more common especially among teenagers. In our time you can only call your friend through the landline in the kitchen and there was always the chance of someone listening from the other room. Now things are different. But thanks to the calling recorder feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app for android you can know about the caller id and even the video call content as well.

Protect Them from Spam Calls:

Protecting your child from spam calls is your duty as a parent. As spam calls can badly affect the mental health of the person. There was a girl in our neighborhood who was frequently receiving spam calls and she had to go to therapy to get out of the trauma. Thus using such a feature can be very helpful to save your child and protect their mental and physical health.

Use the Feature to track Fraud Calls:

Protect your child from any possible fraud attempt by tracking their calls. You can know if anyone is trying to steal from them by offering useless offers and deal if and only if you are an OgyMogy call recorder feature user.

Know When They Are In Trouble:

Remote access to the call recording data can let your know if your kid is in any kind of trouble. Listen to their voice and know if there are going through any hard times, discuss any problem with other people, and more. The feature can be used to amend any relationship between kids and parents.

Block Unwanted Calls:  

OgyMogy allows the parents to block any unwanted call from the latest teen device as well.

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