Different Types of Truck Driving Licenses


As far as the economy is concerned, truck driving plays an important role. It ensures the supply of goods over a country on a timely basis. Therefore there are usually essential tips that always guide truck drivers for safe driving. The trucks always come with heavy responsibilities, including the truck, cargo, and other people on the road.

For these reasons, drivers must enroll in trucking classes, that is, classes 1 and 2, and professional class 3 to become professionals. It will help them gain knowledge to increase their expertise on the road. They can enroll in these classes considering the best class 3 driving school in Edmonton for their courses. Putting this to your mind is important for you to know about the different truck driving licenses you require.

Here are the different types of commercial driving licenses needed to drive a truck, semi-truck, and dump truck that is commercial class A, class B, and class C driving license which will allow the driver to drive a commercial vehicle weighing up to 26000 pounds. The training program you will undergo at the best class 3 driving school in Edmonton will help you understand how to operate these gross vehicles depending on their specifications and still provide you a career to become a professional truck driver.

  • Class A Commercial Truck Driving License

With a class A commercial truck driving license, you are in a good position to drive a commercial vehicle weighing 26000 pounds that is a semi-trailer with two or more axles. Did you know what the expected requirements for this kind of license are? Class A truck driving license is usually required for; allowing the holder to drive class B and C commercial vehicle and help the holder tow a trailer with more than 10,000 pounds weight.

  • Class B Commercial Truck Driving License

It still allows the holder to drive a commercial vehicle weighing up to 26000 pounds. This kind of license is required for a holder to tow a truck with less than 10,000 pounds weight and drive a class C commercial vehicle but not class A. The holders could as well drive box trucks, straight trucks, and dump trucks.

  • Class C Commercial Truck Driving License

A truck driver with a Class C commercial truck driving license can only drive a commercial vehicle carrying at least 16 passengers. It also allows holders to be able to transport hazardous materials as classified by transportation acts. Therefore, following proper endowment, a class C commercial driving license is not allowed to vehicles that are not prescribed for class A and B truck driving license holders.


To fully expertise your driving skills to a professional level, you are therefore required to enroll in professional truck driving scheduled programs, that is, the mandatory class 1 and 2. and a professional level class 3. You, therefore, make a step and become a professional truck driver holding either or both of the commercial truck driving license.