Deepak Kharbanda’s Achievements in the field of Information Technology


Information technology is an ever-expanding field where there are regular updates in technology. However, nothing can’t be better than imparting new technological updates to the world. So, understanding the industrial needs, agile methodology is gaining momentum, and with scrum, the programmers and developers can deliver product and software development with desired results. 

Comprehending this, Deepak Kharbanda of California is one of the most experienced IT professionals with experience of more than 15 years of in vendor management, mobile technologies, and web development. Deepak completed his master’s in computer science from the University of Colorado Boulder with proficiency in data-center, networking, security, and team management.  

Professionally, in 2005, Deepak worked as a Project Manager at Colworx & Irvine. Later on, from Oct 2015 to Dec 2017, he worked in Concentrus. Further, he joined D&D Concept Inc., and currently, as a director, he works at Cradlepoint. Deepak succeeded the team as the product owner aspiring IT professionals with his skills as a scrum professional.

Deepak developed various technologies for product backlog management. Being a scrum master, he assured to deliver the right results to the product owners, informing them about the project status. Apart from this, to magnify the overall productivity, he acted as a liaison between the team members and the project manager so the team delivers consistent solutions to the project owners as per their requirements.

As a scrum, some responsibilities are necessitated to serve effectively. Deepak illustrates, he ensures to facilitate daily standups by consulting the team members on how best they can work. Further, taking sprint reviews to capture the feedbacks to protect the team from external blockers. Deepak with the understanding and working knowledge of multiple technical methodologies did subject-matter expertise in mobile and software technologies.

Deepak has the vision to understand stakeholders’ and employees’ needs and offer effective and flexible solutions to the team to keep itself updated with the technology for obtaining seamless outcomes. Apart from it, he ensures to run various business operations smoothly, bringing support and feedback to the organization employees. 

On a Final Note, Deepak Kharbanda of California is a working IT professional with experience of more than 15 years. He worked in many fields in the IT sector. Working as a project manager, Deepak delivered reliable solutions to the firms. Besides all, he holds proficiency in waterfall project management, customer-focused services, and agile project management. It makes him a successful IT professional.