Deepak Kharbanda: Responsibilities to Lead a Team as a Scrum Master

Deepak Kharbanda

The agile methodologies have gained popularity when it comes to the progress of any companies projects. It is a result-focused approach that deals with the adaptive planning and the real-based organization of the team. The influential role played to organize and maintain the functioning lies in the hands of the Scrum master. The prioritized wish list gets generated, and the scrum master makes a plan to implement it. He makes sure that the team follows the rules and practices so that goals get accomplished. Thus, as a scrum master, it is his responsibility to eliminate the obstacles faced during the development phase.

So, Deepak Kharbanda from IrvineCalifornia, is a scrum master with more than fifteen years of experience. Till 2017, for more than ten years, he worked as a project manager on broad-based projects. In 2017, he joined his services in D & D Concept Inc., and till the current times, he has worked on various e-commerce, mobile applications, and web applications. Kharbanda possesses various analytics that enables him to identify new opportunities for the team. It leverages his strength to show his leadership qualities. His expertise in mobile technologies and software projects makes him successfully lead the team.

Deepak Kharbanda

Kharbanda, with his expertise in handling the team, comes with the best strategies that somehow help him communicate well with the team. It encourages him to organize the team into the best project teams. Thus, when the project starts, he knows how he can exchange the information to monitor the timely execution of the processes. Kharbanda makes sure to encourage the use of automation and continuous integration. These techniques help to reduce the risk in the development process. However, it improves the quality of the project during the development phase.

Also, Kharbanda makes the best strategies to train the team well with agile methodology. The respective job assigned by him to the team is to get fulfilled on given constraints. He makes sure that his team comes up with a sense of project ownership to understand the concepts well. As a scrum master, to make the process continuation flow smoothly, he ensures to host the meetings to know what problems are being faced by the employees and what requirements are supposed to consider to motivate his team.

Thus, Kharbanda says re-distribute the workload among the team to make it more focussed on its goals. However, to maintain the workflow, employees have to work in the right direction. If they are unable to do so, it can hamper the progress of the project. So, everything is to be well guided by the scrum master from its meetings schedule to other project-related queries. Thus, the updates of the project are monitored and imparted to the clients. As a scrum master, if there are issues related to its efficiency, the events have to be organized to improve the system.

Finally, Deepak Kharbanda from Irvine, California, is a dedicated and experienced scrum master whose leadership has enabled him to deliver many successful projects. His expert knowledge and management skills have permitted him to manage the teams to produce the desired results for the clients. 

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