Deepak Kharbanda – Most Influential Tech Expert

Deepak Kharbanda

Everyone defines success differently. For one, it’s full of bumps and challenges to peace, and the other describes it as the possession of frivolous things. Some energetic personalities have to find the perfect meaning of success and prosperity. Numerous ways are there to achieve dreams or goals in life people discovered the right way and built a great skill set through which they paved their ways toward success. Whether it’s your profession or business, you also have to follow up on some beliefs to get what you want.

Talking about an IT expert, Deepak Kharbanda, who followed and understood the beliefs firmly and became a perceived name in the information and technology sector. He is a person from the technical field who has been an inspiration for many. He started his career being an ordinary man and is counted among the top professional scrum masters now. Since he always focused on learning more and more to improve his skill set so gained immense knowledge, expertise, and recognition in the field!

deepak kharbanda

When it comes to the early life of Deepak, then he completed his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Phoenix. Thereafter, he pursued further studies and obtained his Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School in MBA, Robotics Technology. After getting his studies done, he started his career being a software intern with Hughes System Software. Here he worked with full dedication and learned various things including managing complex IT modernization system integration projects.

After that, he worked with several other firms in different positions and improved his skill set. His areas of expertise include vendor management, project management, scrum master, change management, etc. Deepak’s knowledge and expertise in all these fields can seize anyone’s eyes! From several sub-fields in the modern IT sector, he worked in change management. In this position, he was responsible for implementing new changes and ensuring that all the upcoming changes will be beneficial for everyone.

Also, Deepak’s skills in project management can never be ignored! It is a post of the project that falls on the list of responsible tasks, and he holds a decade-long experience in the field. Additionally, his expertise in vendor management sets him apart from the others of his generation. Whether it’s managing relationships, evaluating performance, or negotiating, he has excelled in the field. Apart from this, Kharbanda is now a professional scrum master who helps his peers to work efficiently.

Furthermore, the list of Deepak’s skills is pretty long that holds numerous aspects such as Agile project management, enterprise resource planning, business analysis, etc. From his entire professional life, he spent most of his time in the technical field. His journey of becoming a successful person is an inspiration for everyone chasing a thriving career in this domain. Now Kharbanda holds immense expertise and several years of experience in the Information and technology field.

In a nutshell, Deepak Kharbanda is a passionate, self-discipline, and hard-working man whose story of success is undeniably an inspiration for many. What position Kharbanda is holding in the domain today is a result of his persistent efforts!