Deepak Kharbanda: A Skilled And Experienced IT Professional


Over time, in the field of Information Technology, many personalities have shown their great extent with their extraordinary skills and prestigious efforts. Similarly, talking about Deepak Kharbanda, he is one of the finest and experienced IT experts in Irvine as he has been working in this field from the last more than 15 years. After he obtained his bachelor’s degree in accounting, and master’s of business administration, he began to work as a software engineer. 

In the year 2005, Deepak started to work at Colworx as a Project Manager. In this position, he was responsible for planning, initiating, executing, controlling, monitoring, and closing the different processes. With his determination and skills, he successfully managed these processes that also helped him to become a recognized name as a Project Manager. Kharbanda also worked with stakeholders to create an effective project plan for obtaining the outlined goals. 

Deepak Kharbanda

With the help of the plan that he developed, he managed to oversee cost, scope, risk, quality issues, risk, and communications. It was during this phase, that Deepak outlined key deliverables and milestones and also identified the tasks that were required to complete them efficiently. Along with the planning, when it comes to executing, Deepak used to assign the work to ensure that every task was completed as scheduled. By doing that, he managed to increase the overall productivity and efficiency. 

Along with project management, Kharbanda also possesses great skills in the field of vendor management. The vendor selection process includes sourcing suitable vendors and researching as well as shortlisting the vendors. Kharbanda also evaluates different factors when deciding the vendors to appoint for a specific contract. These factors include capacity and track record, vendor’s reputation, and vendor’s ability to communicate effectively. 

With the vendor selection, Kharbanda also worked effectively in contract negotiation. He focuses to make the contract correct at the beginning and making sure that the terms agreed will benefit both parties. Negotiating a contract can take time, and the whole process will include defining services and goods that will include the start and end dates of the different arrangements and all necessary terms and conditions.   

Not only this, but Deepak also gained expertise in the field of web development. Deepak focuses on the development process includes web content development, web design, and client-side scripting, and network security configuration. According to him, web development encompasses all the updates, actions, and operations that are required to maintain, build and manage a website to ensure its user experience and performance. He also focuses on building a mobile responsive website as these days most people use the internet on their phones, so it becomes important to develop a mobile-friendly website.

For the last more than 15 years, Deepak Kharbanda of Irvine is diligent working in the field of Information Technology. With his unique skills and hard work, he manages to become a recognized name by working at different positions such as Project Manager, Business Analyst, and several more. Along with these, he also gained immense knowledge in Web Development, Vendor Management, and Risk Management.  

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