Deepak Kharbanda | 4 Ways To Manage A Successful eCommerce Business

Deepak Kharbanda

E-commerce presents many opportunities – not only for retailers but also for beginning entrepreneurs. But E-commerce businesses are no joke and with every passing day, selling products online becomes harder. Lower costs combined with more easily accessible tools further reduce the barrier to entry. And to make it through this fierce competition, you would need the help of a business analyst.

Business analysts are responsible for understanding and evaluating changing business needs. They are often asked to analyze the impact of change, document and support communication between stakeholders and stakeholders, and take the necessary steps to initiate change. Deepak Kharbanda is an experienced business analyst and project manager from Irvine and has been helping companies scale their businesses for more than 10 years. Deepak suggests 4 ways that can be really helpful for business owners who want to make their e-commerce business a success.

Get Your Business Basics Right:

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when setting up an eCommerce business is forgetting that they are starting a real business. Great attention is focused on the web, digital marketing, and products. However, the principles of business management are also important. Consider human resources management, financial management, and operational strategies.

Focus On Your Online Security:

Cybercrime and online fraud are more common than many think. And they don’t just focus on big companies and organizations. They look for and focus on weak targets with low defense. Therefore, take some time to make sure that you are as protected as possible. You have to keep in mind that cybercrime is constantly evolving and that cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated. There are a wealth of security tools and wizards with sleek and up-to-date tools to help you protect yourself from online threats. 

Spend Time Perfecting Your Landing Pages:

Your website is your business card, your brand representative, and your sales platform. It needs to be optimized so that as many visitors as possible turn into paying customers. This means that it is worth doing the UX in-depth training when creating it. You need to map the path that the customer takes to your site and make sure that each phase is optimized to change.

Measure, Monitor, Track and Test Everything:

Many companies are at a disadvantage by forgetting about it or not doing it. When building a website, you should always check that what you’re doing is working. Are you driving traffic to your site? Where does your traffic come from? How does it work on your site? And many more. Google Analytics is a great tool to track what’s happening on your website. Are you starting a new campaign and want to see if you’re getting more views? You can use this tool to track that information to see what works and what doesn’t on your site. You can also keep track of which pages work and which pages aren’t for your customers.

Deepak Kharbanda states that every business should always keep in that they are here to serve the needs of the customers. When you are starting something new, generally you are creating something you think they want. So, make sure what you think is also something they want.