Copyright Infringement: Facts You Should Know

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As per copyright laws, one is denied the ability and right to use someone else work, whether it’s a business plan, painting, content or photographs. It is mainly intended to promote the creation of work by giving authors exclusive property rights. Also, it is intended to encourage the dissemination of this work, enabling a competitive marketplace. There are several commons complaints of copyright infringement that involves websites. If you are thinking of the law of copyright services, ignorance won’t impress the judge. therefore here are facts you need to know as much as copyright services are put into concern

  • Copyright Vs Other IP Rights

Ideally, copyright is far much different from other intellectual property rights such as trademarks, database rights, among others. Nothing hurts IP experts much than most of the journalist belief that IP is prone to be interchanged.

  • The Act of Infringement

Did you know that copyright infringement is not only about copying? There are different types in which one can infringe another person’s copyright, most of which do not entail direct copying. For example, creating a motion picture as a cartoon strip can be copyright infringement even though there is no direct copying.

  • When Must a License Be Written?

Getting permission to use copyright services is not necessarily needed to be in writing. Let’s take a case where a website is made for public use across the globe. It grants an implied license to all internet users to copy the website and view it on a web browser. However, there is only one exception to the unwritten rule. It states that a statutory license should be written and signed by or on behalf of the copyright owner. Its take as a must assignment for copyright ownership.

  • Expression and Ideas

There is no copyright im an idea since it may not be accurate and may be misleading. Even though no idea has been fixed in the form of a copyrighted work, it doesn’t mean that copyright the ideas inheres to in-copyright work. Yes, it does protect the copyright in ideas, provided that the pictures are not too general or are kind. But for ideas that underline web design, however much specific they’ll be, they are probably the wrong sort in attracting protection of copyright law.

  • Copyright Protects

Typically, copyright law protects the diversity of copyright works. It covers painting,  poetic epic and operatic symphony with similar rules such as slash dash legal articles and doodles. Forth case of a website, they are still protected by copyright even though they are not copyright work.

  • Copyright Crimes

Despite the impression given by content industry propaganda, copyright infringement is often not a criminal offence. It can be an offensive crime if it’s done deliberately in the cause of a significant scale. Downloading an infringing for personal use may be considered copyright infringement, but it’s often not a crime.


After reading these facts about copyright infringement, let’s hope that will help you keep in mind copyright laws. Although it seems old-fashioned, it remains relevant in ensuring content creators are appropriately protected and incentivised to create content we will embrace.