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Singapore Company Data
Singapore Company Data

In a nutshell, “Big Data” refers to a large amount of data that can’t be processed using typical methods. Structured and unstructured data may be present in the data. Singapore is a regional pioneer in using Big Data, which has significantly impacted the industry. One of Singapore’s annual Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit highlights is the city-thriving state’s big data community. If you need Singapore company data you may

1. Hashcash consultants:

It is a multinational software firm that provides blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT solutions via its platforms, products, and services. Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing, and more can be made possible through HashCash Blockchain technologies. These products are available now. A digital asset exchange called PayBito is run by HashCash in the United States, as is a payment processor called BillBitcoins.

What’s On Offer:

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud Services are included in this category.

2. Works:

Companies may employ the world’s top 3% of freelancers in business, design, and technology on-demand through Works, an Asia-first blockchain and AI-driven work marketplace. The company seeks software engineers, designers, product managers, and other top-tier freelancers, matching them with prominent corporations eager to expand their workforce for critical business objectives.

What’s On Offer:

A wide range of IT and communications services, including cloud computing, software development, UI/UX (user experience), and web design and implementation.

3. Finbots.AI:

Fembots. Founders AI’s combine their worldwide financial services experience with cutting-edge technologies to provide creative solutions that tackle the complex challenges that financial institutions face.

What’s On Offer:

Analytics, Big Data, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), SaaS, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI).

4. Hashmeta:

Together as One, they construct a business ecosystem around their products and the agency when it comes to keeping up with the rapid changes in the digital market. Strategic cross-pollination allows them to continually open new prospects while cultivating valuable relationships and communities.

What’s On Offer:

BI & Big Data Analytics, Video Production, SaaS, App Development, UI/UX, eCommerce Web Design, Photography, Creative Design & Branding, and Marketing & Advertising are areas of expertise within digital marketing.

5. Tech Mahindra (Singapore):

Tech Mahindra is one of the world’s 15 largest IT service companies and one of its fastest-growing brands. It has developed groundbreaking systems, processes, and solutions for global enterprise clients.

What’s On Offer:

Information and communication technology (ICT), cyber security, IT consulting, and cloud services fall under the business intelligence (BI) umbrella.

6. The new-gen infotech:

It is a Singapore-based FinTech and Smart Digital product development company called New Gen Infotech (NGI). They provide financial institutions and other enterprises with cutting-edge technology solutions. Purpose-built application architecture and state of the market allow us to supply financial services across all markets, products, and segments.

What’s On Offer:

AR/VR, BI & Big Data Analytics, IT Consulting

7. Cartesian consulting:

Over the past five years, Cartesian has grown from a small team in India to a global corporation with offices in India, Singapore, and the United States. When it comes to making business choices and marketing initiatives, they assist brands worldwide in making better use of their data.

What’s On Offer:

BI & Big Data Analytics, ICT & Communications (ICT)

Final Words…!!!

As data science advances, so does the velocity of change in the field. As a result, there will be an increased demand for data scientists. As a result of Singapore’s growing number of cutting-edge data science enterprises, there is a high demand for skilled workers. Singapore’s most acceptable data science program should also provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and credibility. is the best platform to know Singapore company data.