Chris Salis: Providing Advice and Insights to the New Start-Ups

Chris Salis

Some entrepreneurs start their business without taking the financial as well as the strategic advice from the advisor. They do not focus upon the future aspects and rely on strategies limited to work on present prospects. Their lack of credibility acts as an obstacle to business growth. It, however, ends up making the business an inclusive failure. Therefore, to keep an organization thriving and future-proof, expert advice makes the company grow. So, startup advisors are professionals that provide industry advice on various matters. Not only this but, they monitor and provide network connections to the startup companies.

One such startup advisor that is helping new startups providing them financial assistance is Chris Salis. He did his Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, US, and is an experienced, knowledgeable advisor. Chris Salis is helping the startups to grow their venture into thriving companies. Chris Salis’s expertise knowledge gears different financial problems by lifting their profits to new heights. His management skills help track business metrics and boost the startup’s credibility. Not only this but, he manages the team in bringing out authenticity to the business. 

He has served the Adecco Employment Services, a leading provider of HR solutions as a procurement manager for global corporate operations. He also served the position of senior IT Buyer and strategic sourcing manager, transforming Adecco’s employment process diligently. The journey didn’t stop here, he served as a strategic sourcing manager at Gap and later on worked in eBay as Procurement Manager, Strategic Sourcing, and Operational Excellence. Chris Salis worked as a Strategic leader and product manager in Business Objects, an SAP company. 

Emerging Business Objects and SAP, he was offered the position of Vice-president at the Palo Alto, CA branch of SAP. Finally, In SAP his achievements were tremendous because he worked on the revenues when the company’s revenue was declining and got the company to achieve the highest line of business quota in the year 2010-2011. Chris Salis commercialized the SAP Digital Business unit generating 4x SaaS revenue growth. It is how he achieved the position where he is today. Chris’s experience has helped him guide the new startups to follow the strategies that mark tremendous growth in their business.

Considering as a founder, the startup entrepreneurs require a bunch of decisions regarding the company’s betterment. In some cases, it may be easy, but in some cases, the entrepreneurs may recoil and find it difficult. As you know, running a business may require some risks, so taking advice from an advisor can be tremendously helpful. They may interrupt the smooth functioning of the industry because they think of the future. The things that appear to be still in the present may seem problematic in the future so, one such advisor you can consult and offers expertise is Chris Salis. However, Chris Salis’s expertise knowledge makes him unique in his field.