Cavity? Now What? Here is What Dentist Recommend When Cavities

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You can also refer to it as well tooth decay. It is also the most prevalent dental problem that affects most people. You are prone to have tooth decay when sticky substances, plaque, combine with sugar and starchy food you take, producing acid that affects the tooth enamel. It is common to anybody at any age. Dry mouth due caused by medication or age also increases the risk of being a victim of a dental cavity.

Are you having a tooth cavity and wonder what you are going to do? Here are the recommendations from the dentist.

Diagnosis of Tooth Cavity

A dentist will always recommend that you get diagnosed to detect cavities. On diagnosis, tooth decay can be detected by;

  • The dentist one on one interview asking about your tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Carrying out dental x-rays to see the content of the cavity
  • Physically examining your mouth and teeth or
  • probing your teeth with dental instruments to check soft areas
  • Cavity Treatment

It will greatly benefit you to visit dentist hawthorn road for regular checkups before the dental problem becomes severe and more serious. The sooner you take treatment actions, the better. It would be much easier to treat the problem at early stages, preventing its progression. Here are some of the treatment for tooth decay depending on their severe nature

  • Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is generally a gel liquid that is usually brushed into your teeth. It is effective for the treatment of decay that has just started by helping in restoring the tooth’s enamel. It is a possible treatment to reverse a cavity while still at its early stages.

  • Fillings

It is also referred to as restoration. This treatment is usually undertaken for a cavity that has gone beyond the early stages. Someone would ask what fillings made of are? They are made of materials such as dental amalgam or tooth-coloured composite resins.

  • Tooth Extraction

A cavity can damage a tooth completely beyond restoration, and therefore the only treatment alternative is to be removed. With the gap left, you can consider getting a bridge or dental implant to replace extract teeth.

Preparation For Dentist Appointment

You should never listen to your teeth; any slight and sensitive pain may call for attention. If the pain becomes more severe, you should book an appointment in dentist hawthorn road as soon as possible. Do you ask yourself what is needed for you as you plan for an appointment? Here is what you can do

  • Make a list of all medication, vitamins, and supplements that you are taking and dosages.
  • State any allergy to the medication and some of the reaction you have experienced, and
  • Questions you may need to ask your dentist


From the above discussion and exploring a dental cavity, it should build your illiterate nature and know what is expected from you when you experience tooth decay. You will also learn that cavities can be diagnosed, treated, and taken care of at any stage. If you have no cavity take precautions as your health life matter a lot.