Bobby Kraft – Your Digital Marketing Expert

Bobby Kraft - a digital marketing expert

Pandemic impacted the growth of every business. People have started opting for digital marketing to save their struggling ventures. Are you one of them? If yes, then you have to find an expert who can turn around your fortune. In addition, he will make your business a profit-gainer, intensify the leads, and help you survive in the digital world. Whether you are a newbie entrepreneur or an experienced one, you can not fabricate a digital marketing strategy on your own. 

That is where Bobby Kraft – a digital marketing expert, comes to help!!! When a business fails to interact with the global audience, can not get leads, people start thinking to scale it down – just because the brand does not have a digital presence. Creating an online presence is vital. You can not achieve your desired success without it, says Bobby. He helps those small and mid-sized business owners who can not survive in the market or compete with giants.

If you talk about the early life of Bobby, before joining the direct marketing industry, Bobby was a licensed Investment Advisor at AXA Advisors in Cleveland, Ohio. While working in this position, he was responsible for managing the growth and development of client 401k programs and personal financial plans. In 2003, Bobby established his first direct marketing company named New Edge Marketing to discover the new ways of digital marketing. Today the company has become the most recognized due to its best-in-class services!

Bobby, along with his devoted team of professionals, suggests his client’s innovative ways of marketing for heightening up the business. Leveraging his expertise, Mr. Kraft comprehends the business structure and its marketing presence. After that, he comes up with a workable solution through which the growth of the business skyrockets. Tried and 100% tested methods of Bobby’s have made him gain recognition nationally. Moreover, he enjoys an important position in digital marketing attributed to the skills set he has.

On the final note, Bobby Kraft is an individual who took his first job (investment advisor) as a stepping stone and achieved what he always wanted. With persistent efforts and determination, he launched his own company that has become the first choice of every entrepreneur aspiring to touch the sky. Today Mr. Kraft is a renowned name in the field of the digital marketing arena!!!
Finally, Mr. Kraft got the most successful, people made some allegations against him. Bobby Kraft Bankruptcy in Milwaukee. This case is still pending in the court for further judgment.